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Story behind a reason.
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I have been crazily busy lately.With every thing.The date of going to Pahang is drawing nearer and im only halfway done with the preparation :O To be honest,I need MORE time.Some of the outings were cancelled since some of them cant make it on the respective dates.It's okay though :) Was really disappointed at first,but oh well.They didnt cancel it on purpose right? :) Luckily they told me earlier.Thank you.I ain't miserable,no worries.

To those who cant go for the outings this time,it's okay,we can always go out when I come back from my semester break.Probably it would around June,if im not mistaken.Anyways,this blog had been quite abandoned lately.I'm sorry,bloggie )': I was away to Shah Alam (again) for the past few days and this time was for was fun since i got to spend RM100 on my own.Heh.bought all sorts of items at the local Pasar Tani.Cheap and affordable prices :3

This time I am the one doing the shopping :)

Belle and Larissa have been showing interest of writing short fics just like yours truly.Double happiness.So now,I can actually read other's short fics instead of constantly reading mine over and over again :p *yay* I am still in need of my happy pills Have not been talking to the kakis for quite some times.Also,Bell and Zaty.I miss all of you )':

Went out for another round of outing today.This time is with Zee Yeng :) Went to Starbucks and chatted for a very long time.Will post about it soon.A ya.Like I've said before,I've stopped working at Kumon.and Joan took over my place as the English tutor there.Miss Tan ; the Kumon Instructor have not been back from her off days.Hope she will have a full recovery from her eyes' surgery. *prays hard* :D Get well soon,Ms.Tan !! :)

A special post about Kumon soon :]

In case if all of you dont know,I have a friend who is also a magician :D SIBEH COOL,i know :b
Self proclaimed pretty boy IS the magician.GO ADRIAN !! *square dance* ;)

and here is Adrian Leong performing Psychokinesis.Enjoy ! :D


*pops confetti* HE'S AH-MAZING,RIGHT? :D

you can watch his other videos at his blog here.Do drop constructive criticisms and comments about the videos, aite? :) Thanks.oh,and i super like his new hair cut *bigbiggrins* :D

Oh,now I'm starting to think that the word SARCASM,RETARDED and AWESOME are totally overrated.In other words ; it is becoming incredibly LAME.Cant believe I used to use AWESOME a lot.EVEN NOW.tsk tsk -.- The word awesome itself overshadowed my credibility as a human being lol wtf.But hey,get this straight,this statement is only referring to SOME people.not all of you,okeh? I am STILL awesome,in a way.Siapa makan cili,dia terasa pedasnya lah.Enough said :)

and why the fuck that you want to tell people that the things you said is a form of sarcasm? We know it's sarcasm.It is clear enough.Duh -_- Thankyouverymuch.Not going to be screwed up with lifeless people that proclaimed that they are TOO cool to be your friends from now on,you get me? :D

I seriously need to go for a therapy.All this things is driving me nuts.
I can go cuckoo anytime -_-


Off for now *clicks* :)

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