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We iz coffee addict :3
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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This is going to be ze first post of the day (:

So on Monday,as promised,Zee Yeng and I had our little date at Starbucks Coffee at Aeon Bukit Raja :3 It was seriously fun.We were chatting for 3 whole hours non-stop and of course,drink the latest frappucino at interval.Sibeh cool,i tell you :b

Turn out to be,Lala is also working at Starbucks.She just started last Friday.We had extra whipped cream and chocolate thanks to her.HEEE :p Anyways,we had a long talk about EVERYTHING.Updated each other about life and all :) Talks about the dramas,LOAs and well,everything ! :D

Talking about her made me realized that people DO changed from time to time.It's only the matter of changing to be a better person or the other way round.It sucks,really when you think back about this ; people that you used to be so closed with and then suddenly one day *BAM!* your friendship went down the drain for no reason.They stopped talking to you,ignored you completely and act like you were never a part of their life.You demanded an explanation but none answered.Sigh.

Oh well.This is what LIFE is all about eh? *shrugs*

Anyways,the outing with Yeng was ay blast.I had so much fun talking with her.and do other stuff :3 Like stalking Sir Faiz and the Nike dude *insert horny emoticons* >:D Aite.I am definitely becoming ay stalker back.Weeh ! :B

Thank you so much to Yeng for the company.I had so much fun chatting with you !!! :)

Pictures up ahead !!

Thank chu,Bell :D



Yours truly with the drinks :)

Yeng with hers :D

Cheers !

To Yeng,
Thank you so much for the time we spent together.I'll definitely cherish it.Trust me,you're ONE IN THE MILLION.and I'll always LOVE you no matter what !! XO ;)

Today ; April 28th,2010

I went out with my friends.Ayuni,Syaika,Nisa,Lina and also Athirah.Double thumbs up for this outing :D We had fun LOL-ing at Johny's as we had our lunch there :p as usual,updating each other as we are going seperate ways after this.Hmmph :) Chatted about tertiary studies,boyfriends even NS's experiences (from Nisa and Lina lah ) :D

and guess what?

No.I'm not getting married.yet.

Rupa-rupanya,Melvin Chay *bigbiggrins* :b is in the same platun as Nisa !! woot woot !! ;D Saw their group pictures and omgg.he is just *dies* Heh.Cant outbeat Adrian and Dan Ng though.Pretty boys :3 Took a few pictures but lazy to upload it nao :B Saw the Nike dude again.MEHEHEHEHE >:D

So yeah.We loitered around the shopping mall as time passed by.Went to few retailed shops to buy stuffs.Stalked Yap,but unfortunately he was not there *brawls* )': Oh well.Idiocy shown by my former colleagues ticked me off.completely.Ugh -_- Saw Sir Faiz again.As usual,I went *TEEHEE* the moment I saw him.Say hi to Hanna 8D

Syaika kept on complaining about the rules and regulations of going into Matric.Her favourite line : Kasut PVC :p LOL.funneh.After the outing,we went back home by taxi.Chill at Syaika's house for a while before mummy come to fetch me.Went HIGHed checking out each other's Facebook friends (like we are sho HIGHed xD )

Ayuni,Syaika,Lina and I were laughing our arse off talking about all sorts of topics :D Took photos in her room :3 Super pretty.Korean hallyu's aura is all over her room :D Awesome.

Thank you girls for the great time spent today.ah-mazing,i must say :)

Oh,and I'm falling in love with 2PM again.

Aww,Wooyoung ;)

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