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We sing,we dance and we did everything else.
Saturday, April 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So yesterday I went out with the girlfriends for another karaoke session at Greenbox.It was kinda last minute,but WTHECK.Ehehe.went to Syaika's house first.Since,I'm going with yeah.Saw Syaika's chio new laptop.ZOMG.Awesome 8D Went online for a while while waiting for Syaika's dad to come back from his meeting.

Her laptop is so pretty and very ze cool.Hee.

So yeah,her dad dropped us at Aeon Bukit Tinggi and we headed straight to Greenbox.Ayuni at first wanted to watch a movie but we ditched the plan later.Booked a room and everything and headed into Room was actually bigger than Room 8.Choose few songs and then take turn to sing.

That is when Ayuni,Syaika,Amira,Lina and I went all WEEEEHO ! ;D

It was seriously fun.Karaoke is the official stress reliever.TEEHEE 8D There were Korean songs,Malay songs,English songs EVEN Japanese songs ! :DDDD Lina and 'Amira definitely sang their lungs out.LOL.The food was as usual not really appetizing -.- I'm not really a fan of cheese so yeah.

Eeeesh D:

Got a call from IACT College asking me whether I want to join their AD-Venture Camp.I had to say no since I was due to go down to KL to deal with some stuff -__- Stalked the Greenbox workers.and omgosh.they are super cute ! *dies* :p I went *TEEHEE* the moment I saw the manager.Woot Woot ! HOTTIE ALERT! ;D

After the karaoke,we went for our Zohor prayers.Then,we headed to Popular to buy comics (Ayuni's) and guess who did I met?

No,it's not Barack Obama -_-

It's Veeni ! *bigbiggrins* :D So dramatic i tell you.Both of us are estatic to see each other.Heee ;D The girls went to the International Album section and all four of them literally shrieked seeing BEAST album.YEAP.they have been diagnosed having Korean hallyu way back.EHEHEHE xD After purchasing the comics and the CD,all of us went to Old Town Coffee House to eat.

Again,I'm in love with their Asam Laksa.WAAAAAAH! *swoon* xD SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS ! :DDD It was really satisfiying.Veeni came and hang with us while waiting for her mum to fetch her.All of us then headed to Speedy because Shazreen wanted Syaika to help her to buy Justin Bieber's CD.


Veeni,Lina and I had our berbonding time outside the store.Taking pictures and all :) Bod farewell to Veeni.Around 5 pm,we headed back home.So here are some pictures from the outing.

my signature camera pose :p



ignore how oily my face look :|



In the dark.

OH braces doesnt glow anymore -.-


Me again.


The girls.


There's more pictures from Veeni and Syaika.

Will update more soon !


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