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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Big deal.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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First day of college was rather unexpectedly boring -_- My programme only had about an hour of briefing and then our lecturer let us the new friends I made during orientation.Oh,for your information,there's only one Chinese during my intake.His name is Aaron yeah :)

I saw Aaron with his group of programme mates.nom nom nom :] I got excited again meeting Kim (dont ask me why) .He reminds me a lot of my friend,Hakim back in shizz,he's awesome *bigbiggrins* :b Can't wait to hang out with him and the kakis this upcoming holidays.yay !

Back to the story,Mel,Nadia and I were completely clueless of what to do next that we decided to go to the shopping mall and watched Nightmare On Elm Street.Heh :D

Scary shit lah that story .I almost pee in my pants.

Okay,that was a total lie.HAHAHAHA wtf.

The movie was a total bomb that I felt like watching it again.Maybe I'll drag Toh with me this time.MEHEHEHEHE >:D *evil smirk* The day went well.My roommates and I were LOL-ing the whole day for no reason.Gossiped about all of the people that we met throughout the weeks.Heeee :D Dont ask who became the

At night,the four of us (roommates) chilled outside our dorm building and wandered around aimlessly before I took off and start editing my novel again.Ah,I'm dying for my Luke (my laptop) now :c Mummy says Luke will only be arriving in few weeks time.Mianhee :| I'm currently using my roommate,Ya's laptop to edit the novel and update this blog.

Apart from blogging and chatting,I also called few of my friends since I'm in the mood of calling people.The first one was Toh.It was completely unintentional of me to hung up before he just answer my call me back and start nagging why I hung up on him :p

Toh : Dont you dare to tell funny story about me to your roommates,okay?

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA omg,inside joke.epic :')

Then,I called Ayuni,Dan Ng,Jazmint and few others.It's good to hear that they are doing just fine :) Hopefully I can see them during the holiday break.TEEHEE 8D Speaking about friends,after reading Jo Yee's blog,I found out that Cherrie had been offered for a JPA scholarship to further her studies in UK.CONGRATULATIONS,CHERRIE !!! :D

I'm going back home this Thursday since it's Wesak Day.Weeee ! can't wait for it !! KLANGNITES,WAIT FOR MEEEEE !! *square dance* ;)

Off I go now.Toodles.

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