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Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I went out with Alex and Shamala to Aeon Bukit Raja last Sunday.Sorry,no pictures taken this time.We had so much fun although it was only the three of us.Shasta couldn't come because her relative passed away.Hmmph D: Anyways,the three of us ate at Johny's (it was the most affordable place considering that I only have RM15 in my pocket :p ) We ordered our food and started chatting.

From NS experience,we talked about other things.College,future plans and etc.As we were chatting,I saw Alex's phone.MAD CHIO !! 8D the phone is like the cutest phone I've ever seen in my whole entire life.No joke :'D I was so into playing with his phone until I do not realize that they two of them were staring at me -.- LOL.

During intervals,Fida and my other friend who work at Johny's will come and check on us.For godknowswhat reason,I dont even bother.HAHA.We're not food-poisoned or something.MEH -.- I am very much in love with Johny's Tom Yam.I dont know why.But it's awesome.LAIKE SO AWESOME :'D

After eating at Johny's,we went around the shopping mall aimlessly.Thought of watching movies,but the lines of people are already sca-reh enough *cringed* D: at the end,we chilled at Igentis.Ordered another drink and start talking.again.Igentis' staff are just unfriendly enough.Oh well 8D We waited impatiently for our drinks to come.

Back talking about everything all over again.

Finally,around half an hour later,we got our drinks.Thanked the waiter but no reply from him.LOL wtf.Alex nearly smashed that dude's face because he didn't get his drink yet.

Oh wait.that's just my imagination.

But yeah,he was angry.Poor customer service.Eeeesh.After Igentis,we walked around some more and well,I decided to stalk my stalking subjects *insert horny emoticon* >:D

Sir Faiz.checked.
Nike dude.checked.

Oh,and Yap's new haircut is awful D':

Poor Alex and Shamala.They had to bare with me :P But was fun while it lasted.I mean,I just stalk them lah.No harm done :b Blabbered more before we decided to go to KEC.Since Alex i a member there,we got the chance to sneak into their reading room.Heh.Play Billiard with them.

and I sucks at it.BIG TIME.

Looooool.after Billiard,we play darts :D Darts are much more fun than billiard.Turned out to be,KEC also have their won theatre room.and guess which movie they decided to put up this time? It was The Hangover.Funniest movie of the century and it is also 18SX *laughed hard* :B

Chill a little while before Sham and I bid farewell to Alex.Then,we went back home with my motorbike.

What a great day it turned out to be :)

Thanks guys !! :]

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