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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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A face in the crowd wont hurt you.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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My last week in Klang.and I'm off to Pahang this Saturday :'D

I've finish packing everything *yay* :D I'm happy since I dont have to rush in doing anything anymore :3 Bought a webcam today (finally) and im so excited experimenting it with a few of my selected friends *mute laughs* :p

Like I said,everything is all prepared now.The only thing I had to do now is just GO.But then,I dont want to go so soon.I mean,I love the people here (well not all people..but,er you get my point) Klang has been my HOME for 18 years (considering I was born Perak) :') Sad,but it is after all,the life-changing

I'm not depressed,thankyouverymuch c: I'm just as happy as everyone else.TEEHEE ;D My best friend and good friends already left for Matric intake and also Form Six.I am missing Syaika badly now.Eeee D: We're going to Skype very soon tho.cant wait !!! 8D Others are just busy with college.Now I doubt that anyone is reading my blog.Mianhee :c

Oh well.Busy people :c

Even I rarely got to chat with the pretty boys nowadays *emoemo* :| All busy lah.Laike SIBEH BUSY .Ngeeee.MEH.i shall find a time to chat with them :D

Apa cerita now? :)

Currently chatting with Loceng and Zaty via MSN.Ah,the lovelies :'D Make friends with Ariff and Amzar,two amazing *rock music ON* dude from Facebook.Not too mention,Funneh too.Heee :p Loooooong meaningful conversation with the ghey ninja partner,Sofeya.MEHEHEHEHE >:D

Finally got to reply Larissa's email regarding her short fic that she sent to me MONTHS ago.Sorry for the delay,dear ): Am going to edit both of my novels AND Belle's short fic now.

What a great starter for the week :)

I got to stop stalking people and stop thinking about him.

It has been way too long.Probably he don't even remember who am I anymore.

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