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it's time to break the record.
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I officially break my own outing record. *pops confetti* ;D

Warning : Long post ahead.

So yesterday was actually one of the best day in my whole entire life (not exxagerating) .According to plan,XY,Mae Vin,Cherrie,Joan and I were supposed to go to AC first by KTM.But then,last minute,Joan couldnt join us due to some problem that arise D: What a bummer.Pity her.Mmmmhm.anyways,we still proceed with the plan to go out yesterday.and we did.We got into KTM and waited impatiently inside for it to reach Subang Jaya station.Heh.

and we decided to sit in the woman coach.I can say that it didnt work at last.A bunch of perverts were in the coach when we entered it.real PERVERT.i tell you.They kept on eyeing on the girl who sat opposite me and XY.Pfft -.- Gila.

The moment we reached Subang,we walked to Asia Cafe.Took us around 10 minutes to reach there.My phone died on the way to Subang,so I was practically dying lah.We decided to go to the pool place because we were sweating like seriously D': Opened a table and started playing pool.

Before that,I borrowed XY's phone battery just to call Yen Yen since I promised her that we're going to meet up at AC.At the end,I managed to reach her.What a relief.Phew.I was so excited when I got to see her.OMG.She is GORGEOUS ! 8D Snapped a picture with her before she left.

Glad meeting you,Yen Yen !!!

Aravind finally showed up *square dance* and he kindly taught the three girls to pool while I cooled myself down.We practiced a little while before we start a game.The sifu (Aravind) again taught us the way to break the balls using full power :D HAHA.Pool was just so fun,don't you think? and plus,there's many eye candy there *TEEHEE* :p

and Aravind actually had a study with Daniel Bego before he meet up with us.

you know Daniel Bego? The Olympic Gold Medal swimmer? ;D

Yeap.that's him alright *envy* MEH.ihateyou :p

Irritated Cherrie with Bieber fever :3 EPIC phailed.LOL.Around an half our later,we packed our things and went out for lunch.and we decided to go to Snowflakes !!! 8D BEST DESSERT SHOP EVER ! :) I simply love the Amber Fruit Jelly After Snowflakes session,we headed to Sunway Pyramid by taxi.Massive traffic jam tho.We ended up chatting amongst each other ;D We went for shoe hunting at Asian Avenue.Cherrie bought this CHIO STUDDED BLACK it's on sale ! :D

Let me tell you,she is very happy :D

After the shoe hunting,we went to do airbrush at one of the tattoo shop.super cheap.only RM5.Eheh :p Had lunch at Subway :D Subway sandwiches are awesome ! ;) I had Steak and Cheese.Heee.LOVED IT ! :3 We were already LATE by that time.But Cherrie told us that Tony Roma's is actually having a 50 cent coffee sale after 3 pm.We decided to check it out there.

Off we go to Tony Roma's then.Had the BEST customer service ever there.Their staff are very polite and nice.and they are good looking too !!! >:D I had hot chocolate since it was already drizzling outside.So cold.had the whole view of Sunway Lagoon.Amazing.HEEEE ;D After Tony Roma's,we wandered around the mall aimlessly.

and we stopped at a boutique.I forgot the name already D: it's located at the New yeah.The three of them tried out few of the clothes,it was nice but they didn't buy it.Just camwhoring with it in the dressing room.LOL.typical c:

After trying out new clothes,we went to Dunkin' Donuts because I feel hungry again.MEH :p We went back home to Klang by bus after that.Journey back home was fun.All we did was talking about Kumon.Lols.Stuck in traffic jam for almost an hour.Eeeesh.Went down to the Klang Bus Station and went to search for the bus to go to Klang Parade :D

and I saw someone.

Not just any someone.I actually saw Yap.

Yap ; my number one stalking subject at the moment.Hehe.I went 'EEEEEE' when I saw him.LOL *slaps self* 8D Yap is just ay hottie.My kind of hottie.

XY : Eh, have weird taste in guys lah.
Me : My taste is weird?
XY : Yalah.all the HOT guy you show us not HOT also.
Me :'s MY taste of guys.not YOURS :p

End of arguments :D

At the end,we managed to catch a bus.and I managed to snap a photo of Yap from the bus.OMG.iamsuchastalker :c Yap hopped into the same bus and off we go to Klang Parade.Weeeh ! :) Reach Klang Parade and went contact lense hunting for Cherrie and MV.Meet up with Zee Yeng at Station One later.

Chatted.Camwhore.Eat.Drinks.and well,drink again :D I'm totally worn out by the end of the day.Went back around 11 pm.and the girls kindly paid for my beverages.Thank you :D HAHA.

It was a long day.and we had so much fun !! :D

Now for the pictures.

Enjoy !

Asia Cafe.

Yen Yen
Finally met her after months contacting through Facebook and texting.Heh.

Thank you,Aravind :D


Our dessert *drools* :p


Mae Vin.Xin Yi.


Tony Roma's.

Sunway Lagoon :3

My 5O cent hot chocolate :D

Station One Cafe.

and not to be forgotten,



he's the guy in black.Nom nom nom :]

Omg.even writing this post took me two hours to finish.Bummer -_-

Adios ! :D

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