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Thursday, May 6, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Writing has been one thing that I enjoy a lot over the past years.I like writing.In fact,I dont mind if I had to write 2000 words essay than solving an add maths question (which in my case,I just have no idea why such equation will eventually result an answer like that.I will just go *mouth wide open* ) yes,I love writing.I started writing when I was 14.The story goes way back.Back then,I'm just an ordinary Malay girl who speaks typical Malaysian English :'D

I often try to speak in English with my friends.and it does help a lot :) My friends and I decided to write short stories to kill our time :3 and we did.Still remember the time where I used to isolate myself every time I come early to school just to continue writing about the story.Weee. :)
After months of writing,finally I have given birth to Poor Rich Girl.I was indeed very proud of myself every time my friends who read the story said that I'm good at writing :D

Eversince that,I started to write more and more.Countless time failed and do mistakes in grammar and sentence constructing wise,but I never give up.Writing has become my passion.Most of my work has been published in the school magazine.Entered so many writing competitions (but never win -_- ) LOL.

At a certain point,when everything went wrong,I feel like giving up .I almost give up.Sometimes,when I couldn't handle the pressure,I'll just feel like stopping everything I have been working on all this while.Eeeesh.

Luckily I didn't.

Anyways,now that I'm all grown up ( age wise lah.I'm 18 *retro music ON* ) ,I'm glad that I've meet people who have been encouraging to pursue my dream of becoming an author.All of you will just have to wait and see.I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT ALL OF YOU :'D Even I wanted to see moi to succeed *bigbiggrins* :D

I will continue writing.and this time,I will never stop.

Some random thoughts :
where are the pretty boys when I NEED them? *stabs* :b

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