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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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We go nyu nyu nyu.
Thursday, May 27, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Catch phrase from Mel's.TEEHEE 8D

Second week at college is fineeeee !! *banana dance* Roommates are crazy as always.We had our bonding time together every nights *raised one eyebrow* MEHEHEHEHE >:D

Tomorrow is the day I'm off back to Klang.You can actually guess how estatic I am right now.Heeeeeeeee *bigbiggrins* :') Can't wait to meet up with my best friends.Can't wait to meet with the others ! yay ! *beams with excitement* :D

I miss home.I miss my sister *stick out tongue* :p Miss her ramblings about everything.The lame jokes and epic attempt to make me jealous.HAHA ! :p I'm meeting her yay ! :D

*slaps self* I should really stop being so hyper.Heh.

My roommates (like I said) a crazy bunch of people.Nadia who's taking Tourism is head over heels for Onew :') HAHA.Then,I have Mel,who's taking Mass Comm who is the craziest of all.She told us all sorts of funny catchphrases not too mention,forbidden ; the Sabahan girl (she took Quantity Surveying) often had migraine watching us go hyper talking about her brother.epic i tell you :')

I cant wait to talk to my happy pills.Adrian the magician texted me just now saying that he got something for me? Ceh.I'm all thick skin all of sudden.HAHA :p CHECK OUT HIS LATEST MAGIC ACTS RIGHT HERE !!! *rock music ON * :] But heh,the present for Bell and him are here in Pahang.Finally got something which aren't fragile.nom nom nom :] Can't wait to meet them soon.WEEEEE ! ;)

Nuuuuuu :3 I want to talk to Zaty now.Laike where is she eh? Eheh.

I had photography class today.Overall it was fun.Learn a lot more about DSLR and the arts of photography :) Awesome lah.Heh.I sat next to Kim in the bus :) I am a happy girl ! :D We went to Benteng and Teluk fun fun ! Woohoo ! :)

I shall annoy Toh now.EHEH :D