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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Friday, May 14, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Things around me have been happening pretty smoothly,that's all I can say.Things all packed and mind all ready.YES,I'm mentally and physically prepared to go away from home.Let us just wait and see if I ever survive there,shall we? I'm already feeling homesick at the moment when I think about it :c

Eeeesh.All I can say now is that I will MISS everything HERE ; Klang.The amazing places,the amazing foods and not to mention,all my friends.I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU ! :| So,today is the girl friend's eighteen birthday.Too bad she was not here to celebrate it.She's serving NS at the moment,so yeah )': and I'm going to be away from Klang when she comes back home.

Depressing enough lah.

Texted Danny the other day :) Thank you.He is like one of my best buddy from the opposite conversation was rather touching tho.I almost cried (literally) after reading his message.Sigh.Promise me that we'll meet again,alrighty? ;) Others was really sweet to give me presents and farewell gifts :')

To my former teachers who KINDLY splurged a LARGE sum of cash just for me yesterday, a hear felt thank you to all of you.Trust me,I'll never let you down :)

On a short note,this would be the last time I'm blogging (for now) :c Goodbye to Facebook as well.I'll see you soon.To those who's having exams starting next week,all the best to all of you ! :) Clarrisa dear,let mummy know how was your exam,aite? ;D All of you who wish to keep in touch with yours truly,can always drop an email at or :p I'm trying my level best to finish up all the pending short fictions and novels.

Finger crossed now.Let's hope my brain wont be fried by the end of the month.TEEHEE :p

I have a reason to smile now.and to go away happily,knowing that those whom I care about are safe and sound here :)


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