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whole week of tormenture.
Saturday, May 22, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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or maybe not.

The week has been a great week.Partially because I'm already fitting in amongst the freshies here.Hee.I had my group presentation yesterday and well,it was the least i can do for my group.I have been quite intimidated from the first day due to certain reasons.but I'm all better now.

My group was just okay :) But then,some people can be WAY too competative at times.That what actually happened to me and my groupmates.No further explainations needed for this.Anyways,I'm glad I went to the orientation since I got to know a whole lots of people from all over the country.

Some maybe annoying,but others are just new here like yours truly.The boys are indeed getting along well enough for me to smile at them whenever I saw them.The facilitators turned out to be nice and kind-hearted at the end of the day.I wonder what go into them ? :P Kidding.They are nice when we dont pissed them off.Heh.The whole perception of living in a new place is true,but like I said,I'm trying my level best to fit in here :) Insya-Allah.

I had a talk with Zaty just now.OMG.we had so much talking via MSN phone although the connection at hers are like bitching badly.MEH :c it's okay.I miss her terriblely after the last time we was fun and hilarious.One of my roommates are LOL-ing at each wtf.Talked to Arif as well.MEHEHEHEHE >:D

Speaking about my group earlier,I shall describe a little about them.Let me start about the boys.My leader,Syed Bukhari is -erm well,can say,he's funny (inside joke) *bigbiggrins* :p and sings a lot although,singing cant be his real profession in near future.LOL.Then we have Shazwan,the seemingly shy KL boy.HAHAHAHA.He can be the light of the party at times.Hisyam is just cool kind of guy.He crakced me up a lot with Ariff during our group discussion *laughs hard* 8D The last one would be Ameer who left us yesterday to further his study somewhere else ( i think) :)

A bunch of crazy heads.but more

The girls we have Ros and Sofia,the quiet ones.then,we have Ain who came all the way from Kelantan to study here.The homegrown girls,Ila and Mira are in the group as well.Thank you for being our tour guides all this while :) Kay,the KL-Seremban girl is the timid one in the group.and yours truly with the other girl ( Shizz.i forgot her name already D: )

So yeah,a little something about my group.Brief descriptions.

Other peoples that I got to know is the pretty Seremban boy,Kim :D OMG.He is so pretty that I SHRIEKED all the time when I see wtf. *slaps self* He's taking Fashion Designing.I can actually imagine him as the next Cristian Soriano.SIBEH KEWL :p

Our head girl,Aina is one pretty and responsible girl.Heh.i bery laike her ;) the head boy,Firdaus is very tall.SERIOUSLY TALL.but,of course,Adrian is taller.HAHAHA.Adrian is almost 192 cm.Ngeeee O_O lol.

and the lists of new friends goes on and on.Countless :) I am happy here but I'm going to be happier since I'm going back to Klang next Thursday night *dance* :')

Dinner date,anyone? :D

and regarding about the stalking subject,I shall tell all of you more about him soon enough ;) HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay,done blogging for now.

Have a nice weekend ! :D

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