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formality had me at kill.
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I tried talking to the coordinator for Mass Comm today whether I can actually pursue my Diploma in Mass Communication instead of taking Diploma in Office Management and Technology.Class will commence next week and yes,I am running out of time.

I was indeed anticipated to join Mel doing Mass Comm,but unfortunately for me,they emphasize still on the qualifications sent by the UiTM Mass Comm campus. *long dreaded sigh* Mianhee :| I am not looking for any sympathy,but even if I were to be given a chance to take up Mass Comm,I would be the happiest girl on the planet.


My parents are already barking at me ; partially blaming me for not scoring for Maths during SPM -.- Like how am I supposed to know that they wanted credits for Maths ?! D: Blegh.kill me already lah.My sister often mocks me because I couldn't take up Mass Comm.BETCH :') All the things I did for me to take up Mass Comm (I want to major in Journalism) are like....useless ? I swear I'll broke her nose if she ever mocks me again.HAH !

It's my fault actually.I don't like Maths.I mean who does ? Only nerds like Maths ( offense,Danny ) :p I am not going to rant anymore about Mass Comm.Although they said I should have taken it,but heck there's no way I can get through the interview with that freaking D for Maths on my SPM slip.

No bull.

No call back for me regarding the interview tomorrow :3 Nah,don't feel sorry for moi.I feel bad for myself.You deserve better,Atika.Finger crossed,let's hope that the programme that I'm taking now for THREE YEARS won't had me at kill.Like seriously,tad pressuring much ? *bite fingernails* D:

and well,the two lovelies had me smiling the whole day every time I see the banner that they made for me.

Hee !

Naww,i miss the two of you too ! :3

Bell's page.

Zaty's page.

and the bestf's post for me.

*teary eyes* THANK YOU :')


No matter what He had planned for me,I'll be happy and keep on smiling :)

Few more hours and I'll be in Klang ! Weehoooo ! *banana dance* ;D

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