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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I miss alot of things.
Thursday, June 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I miss yelling at Shasta and called her mangkuk in the class.

I miss the fresh air in school.

I miss sleeping during Biology class.

I miss skipping classes just to finish up my Editorial works (lol)

I miss hugging everyone.

I miss checking the cleanliness reports.

I miss being a prefect.

I miss checking up the students during the assembly.

I miss staring at the grass when I'm bored.

I miss going out with my best friends.

I miss calling everyone.

I miss my friends.

I miss Klang.

I miss comparing height with Aaron Minjoot and waited for him to say 'stop comparing my height with you lah ! LOL ! '

I miss throwing my arms around Danny every time we met.

I miss the exJBT-ians.

I miss the time when I used to pull Le King's sideburn when he fall asleep (Hee !)

I miss calling Aaron Minjoot sesat.Hence,going sesated with him.

I miss my stalking subject(s).

I miss laughing uncontrollably.

I miss my long hair.

I miss my sister.

I miss my children (on Facebook).

I miss my cats.

I miss the Klang's sizzling mee.

I miss conversing in Tamil with Aarthi.

I miss babbling.

I miss the teachers.

I miss approaching people randomly.

I miss my sayangs.

I miss the time when people said, 'ATIKA ! STOP BEING SO HYPER! '

I miss playing pool with Aravind.

I miss high school.

I miss going to Asia Cafe to see eye candies (TEEHEE :b )

I miss being all random suddenly.

I miss the time when I gave Lam an evil grin and pinched his cheek right after that.

I miss the last dance I had before.

I miss you.

I miss talking to Bell on the phone.

I miss chatting with Zaty.

I miss talking on the phone for hours.

I miss Kumon.

I miss my former students who called me lause.

I miss smelling flowers early in the morning.

I miss the piggyback ride moments with Menning.epic :')

I miss gossiping with Cherrie before our tutoring class commenced (yes,we were teachers)

I miss saying ' are so adorable' every time I talk to Toh.HAHA.

I miss irritating Shasta all the time.

I miss the times when Amy and I always did the funny dance when there's no teacher.

I miss drooling over Add Maths. (okat,that was a wtf)

I miss Puan Shuhara's sarcastic grin when I came late into her class.

I miss my mom's chocolate chip cookies.

I miss my long hair.

I miss eating in the Chemistry lab when I'm not allowed to do so.

I miss prefects' gathering.

I miss hanging out with my friends.

I miss Dr.John's consolation.HAHA.

I miss giving undercover names to the people with babe Tirzah.

I miss being the hostess at Kenny Rogers.

I miss telling Chian how pretty she looks everyday durind work shift.

I miss eating those old cookies.

I miss pranking everyone.

I miss writing long essays during English.

I miss sharing my problems with the close ones.


I am just missing all the memories from all those years.

I miss my old life.

Nothing can get any better than knowing all of you.