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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Meddling my own business.
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am my own I decide everything that comes along my way.Hee :D

I won the freaking the sand sculpting competition !!

only second place lah.but heh,we still win ! :D

Today was not exactly a productive day.i spent the whole afternoon being all nosy and exhausted finding for the UiTM students that tried to escape from attending the educational classes.I dont know what is their problem,really *shakes head* D:

so anyways,I wasnt actually feeling all grumpy and felt like punching someone on the face,I had a terrific times with my clique during lunch time.Meeting up with Aaron at the restaurant.Something embarrassing happened that I dont need to elaborate here *coughNADIAcough* [cue : bobbling head.LOL ] I saw my stalking subject along the way.Heh.

You can slap me now for being all excited.Wee ! :)

Okay,maybe not.

My mood was on and off moody since I'm fasting today.Doing my duty as His servant.Alhamdulillah :) Thank you to Yaya,I'm getting more and more influenced to learn more about my religion.Have to admit,I'm not really religious.Just another imperfect human being.

English class was okay.Not really as fun as I expected.Agama class is the same.Just that,by the time I attended Agama class,I was already worn out due to lack of energy.Pardon yours truly.Like I told you earlier,she's fasting today :)

Nadia got her lappie (Onew) today.She is a happy girl ! :D Me too. since I'm allowed to use it anytime.Hee ;) Thank you,Mika.Onew is a really good lappie.Still exploring it.HAHA.omg,it sounded so wrong :P Checked my pendrive again using Onew.

Guess what?

omgwtfwtfwtfwtf.iloseallthefreakingphotosinmypendrive (!!!!!!!!) *dies* :|

but WAIT !

luckily all the photos had been posted via Facebook.

Phew *wipes sweat* :)

Yaya is a great friend.She's telling us the stuffs that we need to know about Him.more and more ! :) On a short note,I texted most of my friends,but none reply :'( I miss them alot,okeh? Eeesh.Congrats to Bell and John for getting the Bank Negara Scholarship ! Just hung up after talking to Toh.Totodile having exams next week.All the best ya? :D I have faith in you !! :)

I hope my darlings,Zee Yeng and Xin Yi did well in their exams today. *banana dance* ;)

Shall blog more soon.together with the photo during the sand sculpting competitions.

P/S :Going to get Luke very very soon :3
PP/S : I'm wearing formal tmr.Ask me not why am I estatic about it.TEEHEE 8D


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