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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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the sand of time.
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Sorry I've been away lately.Was caught up with college stuffs and such.Life has been pretty hectic and I barely have time to update dearest bloggie.College was normal.for me at least.Heh.I am not going to fuss anymore about college like i used to (oh wait,did i?) Hee !

Anyways,i had so much fun mixing with the new intake of UiTM students.They are like the less-hyper version of all of us.and heck,it was fun fun fun ! :D The Sport Science's students are like *bigbiggrins* >:D Heh ! I am drooling on most of the new intake boys.They are so fine.Grrr :p

Okay,maybe not.

But yeah,it was amazingly fun :) The lecturers are very nice too ! So I had dodge ball tournament today.Initial plan was to play Frisbee,but something came up.All of us were divided into groups of six and were called according to the numbers given by Headboy.

My group was Group 4.The games started and I was very ecstatic helping my teammates so that we won't lose to our opponents.I got hit by the ball thrown by Headboy and as result,my knee was numb for awhile.It doesn't takes long to heal tho :)

We had our berbonding session during lunch as always.Pretty amazed how close we are now :)

waiting for the no show

our second place winning sand sculpture :D

[photo removed]

Headboy.Maddy.yours truly.

stairs pose.Heh !

My group during orientation :)

my own student card ! :D

Oh,I just love the way I smile.Heh !

Got a problem with it? Not my problem.

I finally watched Shrek Forever After and it was awesome shizz ! ;) Going back to Klang next Tuesday ! So,holla Klangites ! :D

and Happy birthday,mummy !

Off I go now.Byeeee ! xx

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