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so,here's there deal.
Saturday, June 26, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I went back home six days ago.and tomorrow I'm going back to Pahang :'D I had too much of that homey feelings that apart of me don't want to leave.Period.HAHA.but then again,I had to leave since my college is actually hundreds kilometers away from me.I am already adapting everything that are need to be adapted :) I survived one month there.TEEHEE :b

Time back in Klang were spent going out with Cherrie on Wednesday ; watching Toy Story 3 and the meeting up with Adrian,Mel and Nadia at Pavillion on Friday ; makan-ed and watched Knight and Day.Toy Story 3 was ay blast.although they said we should have cried watching some scenes in the movie,but it doesn't really hit my soft spot,ya know? ;D and the movie Knight and Day.The movie was AH-MAZING !! *beams happily* :b Partially because Tom Cruise did all the stunts on his own.I laike i laike ! :D

It was my first time going to Pavillion actually (i know,damn lame right? ) HAHAHA.and well,I got lost on the way.Take the wrong monorail and such.Texting Mel and Adrian on the way.I was really really afraid if I ever got lost.Heh.Adrian asked me to get myself a GPS and a dictionary (inside joke) LOLLLLLLLL !!!!! *died laughing* but seriously,I got lost on the way.

*shook head* ISH ISH ISH :|

As soon as I saw Mel,I was so relieved that I feel like dancing in the middle of the busy road.

Okay maybe I won't.but I can really do it if I wanted too.Heeeeee *bigbiggrins* :b

Then,we meet up with Adrian at Starbucks.That guy has third eye,i tell you.I can't see him but he can see me.LOL.After that,we headed to the food court and I had sizzling mee on the hot plate.Weehooo ! I love sizzling mee.Hihi :b We chatted a while as we waited for Nadia.Talked about about many things.That poor guy,his team ; Italy lost in the WC.Didn't even make it to the next round.No bull.Mel and I (being the evil laughing machines ) laughed at him for two seconds.LOL.Sorry ah,Adrian.Heee.

After we walked around Pavillion and went into some of the retail shops.COTTON ON WAS ON SALE ! *dies* I LOVE SALES,but too bad I only brought enough money for food,transportation and movie.Blegh.I became all jakun-ed for a while since I've never been to Pavillion.Adrian and Mel was LOL-ing when they saw me. *grins* :D We headed to Pizza Hut to fill our empty stomach (mine at least) and Mr.Leong finally showed us his magic acts.

Mad chio ! He used impromptu item like the 5o cent coin.REAL COIN.

Nadia,Mel and I were amazed and thrilled to see him performing.for us.HAHA.Watched Knight and Day and then went back home,safe and sound.It was indeed a tiring day,but I had a great time with all of them plus I got to meet up with the magic man himself :)

Glad meeting you,Adrian !! :D

My 6 days of short break from college are filled with activities and shopping for the stuffs for me to bring back to hostel.FOODS,TOILETRIES,CLOTHES and more FOODS.Heh.and as result,all of my bags are loaded with goods and SUPER heavy D: But no worries,I can still pulled it up the hill when the bus stopped me at my hostel.nom nom nom :]

On a totally unrelated notes,being a college student gave me a whole new perception of the studying method and the studying environment.Now I have to rely on my own to score well in the upcoming mock test :D no more teachers as now we called them lecturers.but then again,no one can ever replace the good old time and memories in high school :)

Tirzah Yeo,where are you? ):

My birthday is coming 2 months time.Heh.

and look at this teddy bear ! *hint hint* ;D

Photo courtsey of ZatyCoo.

Blessed 18th birthday,Daniel Ng ! :D

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