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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Ever since I have this urge of posting something here in my blog,I really couldn't do it since I have no computer with me.The only solution would be borrowing Nadia's yeah :) The very kind at heart roommate of mine is willing to borrow me her Onew at anytime.but I myself already put a limit when it comes to borrowing stuffs from the others :)

Anyways,life has been pretty well lately.I'm all settled in college.There are still some awkward moments,but I don't really mind since I have the people which I can called friends here.College was alright,I can say for now.Induction classes are still ongoing and let me tell you,we are not doing anything productive for the past days.HAHAHAHA.

My college mates and I (the one who are under the same programmes) will be waiting for the no show lecturer for 15 minutes and headed for the cafeteria after that.Heh.Life is good,for

I've been texting my friends back in Klang continuously for the past few days.Texted the Dutchboy,Danny,Zee Yeng,Nalini and the others.It feels good to have that homey feelings back :) Everyone is all settled down in either college or form 6.Once in a while,I do give them a call just to say hi and talk to them.LOL.

Which reminds me,I was texting Nalini earlier and she told me that she passed her driving test.and guess what? Dan Ng passed as well ! Congratulations to the both of you !! :)

The bestf's birthday falls today.So,

All the best in everything you do ! Amin !

I am now officially an online author.Just started yesterday on my friend's recommendation.Hee :D you can always go to and search for atikasikun :D so far,I've only published my first short story ; Lovebug.Feedback was rather interesting.and yes,I should really work harder on the grammar.Another friend suggested that I should join I will.

Oh wait.I'm signing up for Quizilla now.Hihi.

Grandma is not feeling well.and I'm worried about her.Haih.
Get well soon,opah !

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