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When gigi besi meets her competition (LOL !)
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm back dominating the computer at home since I AM at home now :D I reached Klang yesterday around 10 pm and went straight back home after a late dinner with my family.Heh.

Sorry I have not been blogging properly lately.College got me off guard and I spent most of my past times at the hostel doing chores and such since there was no Internet connection.Blegh.

Anyways,when I reached home,I went online as usual and got the chance to chat with Ryan via MSN.Trust me,I was laughing hard in front of the screen throughout the conversation.

I went all gibberish lah *laughs hard* :'D

Please click to enlarge.

he told me that he wanted to debate during MY wedding.tsk tsk :p

He had to rise his blocking barrier as the moi first stalking subject (LOL!)

He still haven't change a bit.

He called me LAME for a start.

proclaimed that he knows my NASTY TRICKS.laike zomg ! *hides* :p

I wonder if there will ever be a Diploma In Stalking :b

Ke-LAME-an Chua Yumin :B

As promised,dude.Heh ! :p

Glad to have the good 'ol Klang feelings.I've been in Pahang for quite a while that a part of me are losing its Klangite characters.LOL.I'm not saying it's a bad thing :) It means I am already adapting the environment in my college and everywhere else :D yay for me !

Alright then,time to assault him again *evil laugh* HOHOHOHOHOHO :'D

P/S : Surprise awaits for you tomorrow.Hee :)


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