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googled it up then.
Saturday, July 31, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Bare with me please ; all the details are not in correct order.Hee ! *chanting* :D's official.College has taken most of my precious free times that I used to have last time.but then,hey ! this is not bad at all,right? I mean,I have been participating in a lot of events but get this right,I NEVER EVER SKIP CLASSES :) Even if I did,it was for the love of performing arts.Heh.

Lecturers have been eyeing on me eversince my first play of Bujang Tak Lapuk few weeks back.I guess she got this intuation of me not coming to class regularly after that.Eek ! Scary much? D: Anyways,life has been great.greater than ever as I put it.My first play was a complete success and I had amazing feed backs from my friends.

The second play would be next week.I'm going to act as the Queen's follower.Next play would be Bukan Cinta Biasa,a major epic fantasy piece written few years back.BCB had won several awards from time to time.and this year,we are aiming to win once again :) The competition would be at UPM Serdang.It's their annual IPT Theater Festival and Prosenium (my college's theater production) is proud to compete as their invited contestant against ASWARA.

and then,there was Parlimentary style debate.I went against Timie (consecutive winner for two years in a row) 's team and well,you can already expect the result.Hihi.I was not prepared at all and everything is just so out of hand at that time.But well,I had an amazing time debating like the good old times.Everything is just falling into ;)

My pendrive has been infected with virus.UGH -.-" Just great.Luckily my classmate told me there's a shop here that can help me to terminate the virus for once and for all.YAAAAAAAAAY ! ;) Bought a new one tho,just in case things like this would happen again. STILL waiting for the laptop's arrival.No sign of it till now.Haih ;(

College mates? awesome as always :) getting to know them more and more everyday. Funny and witty characters :D and i finally found my random partner ! ZOEY ZAINAL !!! :) Assignments are definitely onto me right now.Damn ! I shall be doing it right now actually.LOOOOOOL :p I'm in love with Maths now.very much in love ♥

Awaiting eagerly for the arrival of fasting month.Heh ! and Raya !!!!! *beams happily* ;)

Take care,love.

I miss all of you more and more everyday. X !

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