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It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Saturday, July 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Fluffy plush teddy bear.

I WANT !!!
it's so... fluffy.Heh.

It's official.College is driving me nuts.Packed class schedule for a start.I'm still not used to it *shook head* D: But then,no worries,I've made friends with most of the students there.I was appointed as the class rep by the way.It's kinda hard but I'm enjoying it in a way.LOL.It has been two months since I'm here.I only got to chance to update dearest bloggie once in a while since as I've mentioned before,Luke Ryan (my laptop) is still not with me.Ugh.Whacimaga -.-

So anyways,for the past few days,I've been busy with classes.Finally got to meet up with my lecturers.They are not that bad,actually.Who said they were bad in the first place? ;O The only lecturer that I have not meet yet is for my OMT 131 : Info For Office Administration.I wonder where is she? Hmmph.Spent every single day going to classes (how many times have I repeat this? ) and lunch break was always the most anticipated time of the day.

Because during lunch break,I got to meet up with my roommates,Mel and Nadia.It's funny since I don't really sociate with my own programme mates.I was often seen having a grand laughing session with the Mass Comm students (Mel's classmates) or talking about something absurb with the Tourism students (Nadia's classmates) or even trying to irritate the QS students (Yaya's classmates) with my lame jokes.BAHAHAHAHAHA :'D

The boys are not what I thought they are.I mean,they are very nice if we actually sit down and have a talk them.I'm currently stalking those Pre-Medic woah ! :P One of them even looked like HARRY POTTER *posh English accent* So what can you ask more,Sir? :D

But seriously,he's cute lah.and i laike it ! Heh.

Then there's Akmal,Mel's classmate.He's funny and well,very decent for a guy.Reminds me a lot of Aaron Minjoot back home.I miss Aaron :( I've been giving code names to most of the students in college since we dont want them to find out that we were talking about them.Most of it because we think they're cute and such.TEEHEE :b DID I TELL YOU THAT ALL THE SPORT SCIENCE STUDENTS ARE HOT?!?! GOSH ! *dies* ;D By all,I mean all of them ! :D

I'm serious,not exaggerating lah.

There's Headboy, Ameer, Isma, Aem, Shafiq and err...errr... can't remember the rest.Sorry :b Other programmes' opposite sex are not bad looking either.Haziq is here.Finally got to meet up with him :) He's taking AD ; Fashion Designing.Mad chio.I shall ask him to design something for me.MEHEHEHEHEHEHE >:D

You might be wondering,why do I keep on talking about them? Because my mother actually gave me the permission to date someone now.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! but seriously,no bull.

Still,I'll focus on my studying.I dont want to end up flunking every subjects there is in my syllabus.Hee.Texted the bestf yesterday.Her orientation is today.Hope you have fun,dear ! :) We actually called Adrian at 12 a.m yesterday and sort of waking him up.Eeeek.sorry ! :( *pat pat* The girls were so estatic talking to him,and that includes yours truly.HAHA.Okay lah, I shall be a good girl now.*batting eyelashes* ;)


Today was indeed a tiring day altho I only have OMT 101 AND CTU 111.Irritated Nadia and pretty much everyone around me with that weird and childish attitude of ah,can't help it :p I kept on repeating the line from the upcoming movie,Despicable Me.LOLLLLLLLLLLLL !!! Everyone practically cracked up.and so do I.Heh.and well,I want to watch Despicable Me,please.Anyone? I didnt get to go to the event management seminar.Mianhee :| I want to go so bad,but oh well.

I'm at Terengganu now with Nadia and her parents.Hee ! So nice of her to invite me along.


John,Nalini and Bell are going to INTEC this Sunday.Take care ya?

I shall now text the bestf and laugh as I read our random texts *nerd laugh snort snort*

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