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Monday, July 12, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Been wanting to update this blog,but was distracted but all sorts of stuffs.

I'm back at home for five days starting from last Friday.No,I'm not on holiday,I just had to come back home because I had to see my orthodontic doctor for my braces :D I didn't do anything productive until night falls in *idiotic grins* :P

No lah.I didn't do anything sinister.Just chatting with Menning and Ryan online.

That two nutcase had me rolling my eyes the whole conversation because they were chatting in Hokkien !! Blimey !! My Hokkien fluency had rusted,so I had to call Daddy to translate it for me ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! :'D Serious ELL-OH-ELL at night *laughs hard* ;D

I had a great time talking with the bestf ; Syaika on the phone.Good to hear that she's doing well in Matric.In fact,her hostel is like so much better than mine (WHAT?!) -.-" We updates the both of us about everything.Studies,the environment,college mates and woot woot ! ;) the boys of course.Heh :P

oh and by the way,


*exploded with excitement* :b

I am really enjoying my college life at the moment.Stressful,but I guess that's how the things are done in college,right? I've been selected as the class rep for this semester.In and out I go from the lecturers' room.TEEHEE :b so far,English and OMT 100 are my favourite subjects.So yeah :)
My classmates are ah-mazing ! We had berbonding time every day in between breaks.Heh.

Meet with the boy friends as well.Akmal's housemates actually.Nice young blokes :) I had fun every time I sat down and talked with them.Hee ! I am planning an event for all the Part One students.The committee members are all listed down.Just waiting for the approval from JPM ;D

and I'm planning to ask Adrian to perform MAGIC for us !! :D But before I can conclude anything,I should discuss with the committee first :)

pretty boy.Heh.


The best part of college is when ;
you met amazing people every day and get along with them well.




It has been a while since I took any photos during college hours.I shall camwhore more next time ! ;) The stalking subjects shall be next ! Heee !! *bigbiggrins* :DDDDD

Done for now.Tata ! :D

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