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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, August 28, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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This is probably not what you had in mind about how do I dressed up for college.

The third month being away from home taught me so many things. For the better and for the worse. I've made some great friends and I think I've made enemies as well :| All the current courses ( subjects, as you call it) in my programme are rather co-operable. So far I don't have any problems learning them. not yet. Heeeeeeeee :)

IMD 101 which is Introduction to Information Skills is a course where they taught us in and out about the library (!) I was undoubtedly surprised at first, but then the course turned out to be so interesting now. I can actually be an awesome librarian with high capacity of knowledge about ze library. Hoho *rock on!* :p

Then I have OMT 100, a course that teaches me about psychology of the business world. Yeap, it fun fun fun ! :D We learn about etiquette, dress code and etc. Miss Dayah whose teaches us the course is very nice and entertaining too ! :)

OMT 121 is all about the skills of typing. The course teaches us to type like a pro and to be honest, we are learning the course because of the secretarial demands in the business. HAHAHA. I can type reaaaaaaally fast now using the right skills. Heh. can you? :p

Ms. D's class , OMT131 is about Introduction to Office Administration. Clerical works are much more easier after I learn about this course. No, I do not want to be a clerk, I was actually referring to the future high-paid clerks. Lulz. The jovial Ms. D often keep all of us entertained during the class. and well, I never got bored. Hihi.

I got freaked out (literally) knowing that I actually have to take up Maths. not just any Maths, it's BUSINESS MATHEMATICS !!!! *stabs self in horror* D: Knowing I am really weak at Maths had me staying up all night revising the subject every time I have assignments to be submitted. Hell no, I ain't gonna let history repeats again. *banzai!*

In my programme, we are required to take up Fundemental In Islam course which is CTU 101. Ustaz Hazwan whom graduated from Egypt is one amazing man. Salute him for having such deep and informative informations about Islam. I loike !

Cocuriculum is not forgotten as well. Therefore, all Part One students are required to attend HBU 111 every Wednesday until semester three. Kinda tiring thinking and going to the class. Mianhee :| but what to do, I ain't rebelling. Hopefully I'll aced this course well.

Well, back nerding Maths and Agama now. go go go !

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