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Of college boys and runner up.
Thursday, August 12, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Kolej Shahputra's Prosenium ;
runner up for Manesfestasi Teater IPT :D

SORRY ! ;(

I have not been updating my blog for quite sometimes.Sorry,dear readers.yours truly has been busy with college and assignments.Two of the thing definitely had me sleepless for the past few weeks.Anyways,updates regarding my theater competition last week which takes place in UPM Serdang,my college production won SECOND PLACE ! what makes it even more memorable,our production won best production and best director award as well :) Life here in Pahang has been a part of me after 3 months of stay.I met amazing friends and well,dramas do happen unexpectedly.

I shall not elaborate further about it tho.

Life at college has been a roller coaster.I am torn apart between assignments and time for myself.My friends and I have not been going out for quite sometimes.I feel bad because I've been busy with theater and debate. But then, after the victory, I am no longer tied with practices till now.and yes,I spend the time with berbonding session with my dearest friends :)

Here's a few photos of them.and you gotta admit,they are super cute,aight? :DDDDDDDDDD

Meet Nori and Aiman ; the two sexay beasts in the clique.

Nori and I :)

The prince of seduction in person (!)

and the pretty boy himself ; Syed Ameer.
but then,we called him Danny.

Hail all the way from Taiping,Perak,he definitely reminds of my cousins in Perak.HAHA.He's funny and very random at times.He's currently taking Diploma in Sports Recreation,together with Aiman and Nori.Heh.

and then,we have Am,who is the ladies man.His messy hair makes him out stands from all the rest.I had fun every time I sat down and chatted with him.

Am and I :D

We have been spending a lot of times at Taman Polo, where Akmal is staying.In the process of getting to know his housemates more.Yeap,I'm THAT close to the boys.Heeeee ! :p They are really nice once you got to know them :)

Buka puasa now with Danny,Wan,Akmal,Afiq,Boolat,Shikin and Nadia.Enjoying every minutes I spent with them because everything is so haywire right now that I don't know who are the people I can actually trust.Assignments are pilling up and gosh,I am so going to freak out now !

*dramatic dying scene* XD

Going down to KL this Saturday with my friends.NINE of them.God knows what will we be doing now that we are on the peak of excitement !!!!!

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