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Raya oh Raya.
Saturday, September 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Cherrie. Seow Wei.
my friends who came today. Thanks, girls :D

The first day of Raya can be said, uhm .. rather normal? I feel old, really. last time I used to shake hands with the elderly or my older cousins. But now, the little ones are shaking my hands :| my oh my. I really feel OLD. Haha :'D am still getting duit raya, but well, the amount is indeed decreasing ;( sigh. but nevertheless, I've been having fun meeting my relatives despite how plastic they are sometimes. woah. I had fun serving the guests and entertaining my friends. Cherrie and Seow Wei came at around 11 am and we had tonnes of fun updating each other about what have the three of us been up to ever since SPM result day. Glad knowing that they are doing oh so well now ;) Seow Wei is in Stanford and Cherrie is currently taking A-Levels in Sri Cempaka ;)

Thank you to those whom texted moi when the clock striked twelve a.m. My inbox was flooded with Raya wishes. Thanks ! :) Jo Yee and the usual friends couldn't make it since they had something on. it's okay, really. :) Then Lee Hsiang came with his brother and mother. Good to see them again. Heh.
The whole day was just tiring. Dead tiring.

The Tans and yours truly.

At around 3 pm, my sister and I went to Syaika's house for her open house. There I met her relatives and family. and well, I met Ashbir as well ! ♥ Had loads of fun chatting with them and so much more. Since I was really hungry, I ate so much at her house. Heeee. Hope you don't mind, babe :p Haha. The rest of the day was just as normal as it can be. Raya celebration for me are indeed over. Texted Nami and the clan at night. Ouh. everyone is still busy with their family. and well, I am now feeling alone. sigh.

No worries tho. I know to deal with myself :) I am after all, ATIKA SIKUN, right? Heh. Thanks to the twin for the encouragements :D and woah,I can't wait to see the clan on Wednesday ! :)

Back memorizing script now.Toodles, peeps !

P/S : Photo editing is so addictive ! ♥

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