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wake me up when september ends.
Friday, September 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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this picture would probably wrapped up how was August like.
Heeeeeeeeee :)

Time really flies that I can't believe that it's already September !!!!! *beams happily* :D September means it's my birthday month and hell yeah, I am going to be legal. like finally ! I really don't have issues of being old or whatsoever, but yeah I am always excited awaiting for my birthday every year. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I often celebrate it with so many different people every year. How awesome,right? :D

Am waiting for Nadia and Shikin to get ready. We are going to break fast at CM again :) It has been almost a week since we moved in into this new house. and yesh, I am enjoying every single minute of it. Awesome housemates and awesome neighbours ! woots ! ;) Been mingling around with the boys of house no. 35 ( Akmal's house lah) :'D I'll tell you more about them one day. Haha.

Afiq and Ween Hairul were not feeling well for the past few days :| Pity them boys not being able to lepak with us clan like they used too. Ween got infected with rashes because he ate seafoods ( crab balls !!! ) and Afiq was bedridden for the night. Hope the clinic can kill the high fever :'(

On the contrary, I have been having so much fun as well. Since there are no more curfews, I am basically out at night almost everyday. Wan, the chauffeur is willingly to take me around with the companion of Megat. These two future architect had me at kill for laughing way too much every time we went out. sengal ubi betul ! :p

If you guys heard the news, yesh, I AM GOING HOME ! next Monday, September 6th :D can't wait to see my family and also my friends. Eeeeeeeeeeeee *explodes in excitement* :'D

Okay lah. wanna go back harassing Namie :p Hahahaha !

so much in love now :)

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