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like the sand,
Sunday, October 31, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Life is not always a wonder to everyone, trust me.

So today I went out with Nadia, Shikin, Akmal , Nab Wan and Aiman. We headed to ECM and I actually shopped today. FIVE MONTHS at Kuantan and this is my first time of shopping *awkward laugh* lol :') So I bought three quoted t-shirt from BRANDS OUTLET . After that , we watched YOU AGAIN as recomended by Nadia and Akmal.

Two thumbs up for the movie. heeee.

Cuci mata sambil berjalan-jalan sekitar ECM. niu niu niu :) Midnight supper at Jom Relaks next to PLATINUM ; this one hot spot for Kuantan people to go clubbing. hoho. i so want to go clubbing during Sem 2. with Superboy. * grins* :B Pak cik kereta merah refuses to fetch us from ECM. and I was like -_______-" Dia nak marah-marah apa kes ? UGH. Ta paham betul. Perangai macam budak-budak *shook heads* At the end, I asked Megat to fetch me. Nasib baik dia free . Superboy went to Valencia to snap some nice photos. Had good night chit chat with Megat and his girlfriend. Ran off seeing pak cik kereta merah apporaching. Haha. weirded >:D

Texted Superboy as usual. Kept in touch with the homey back in Klang. woot woot ! ;) Yaya and Boolat went to Sungai Lembing for their site visit's assignment together with their classmates. and woah, they brought home a souvenir for me *winkwink* :') ILOVEYOUTWO ! Seriously * cheesy smile* hekhek :P

Now craving for MOAR photos of Kent >:D

*slaps self* KNOCK OUT OF IT, ATIKA !

Okay, better.

Fell asleep waiting for pretty boy's reply. sayang you ! ♥ He made a new Facebook account and THAT made me beaming right now. tee hee hee :)) Although the internet is being such a bitch . Am i actually bipolar ? lol.

Next paper would be MAT 112. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'll screw myself if I flunk it. Pfft.

P/S : Hello Bob ! :))

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