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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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when the wind blows ;
Monday, October 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yes, I've been busy busy busy :D

B busy studying and cramping my brain juice for the past few weeks. Heh. I am back at my home in Klang. Nothing much to do. Spending most of my time sleeping and studying for the ongoing mid term. damn. I had to skip two days of test just for the dental appointment :'( My gum has been bleeding for a week now. God knows how painful it is. sigh.

Need aspirin, fast.

Am just done doing my assignments ; a final slide show for Office Admin and also report on Personality class. Exhausted, worn out, but I'm happy with the outcome :D Been taking care of Nami for the past week. Poor super boy, unfortunate for him to be involved in the accident. STUPID car driver. I'll rip his rib cage out if I got to see him. HUH -_- "

On a positive note ( not quite lah. haha ) I am prepared for my mid term test. ( Okay, I lied) Maybe, half prepared. Heeeee. Should be studying now, but I am just lazy. Wait till super boy text me back :D

I MISS MY GIRLS BACK IN KUANTAN T___T rumors had it that *clear throat* MADDY and FIQUE are . . . . ( you be the judge) Hehe. ain't that right, peeps? ;D

Okay, babbling. pointless. LOL.

I actually miss the sound of them screaming if there's anything HOT popped out on the FB status. We'll be screaming like retarded kids and the rest of the story is just for us to know :p I've meet more and more friends each days. Which is very blissful. and such blessings :) The boys and the girls. my oh my. tee hee hee :)))

Okay, dinner time now.
Maths' revisions and mid term? Kill me already lah.

Going back to Kuantan tomorrow. yesh ! *beams happily* 8DDDD

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