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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, November 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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How did my last day in Kuantan went ?

I had my unusual dinner at CM:D It was Yaya's birthday. Meet the guys and Superboy as well. Ate like normal. Although I almost died of starvation. lol. Took photos with Safuan's DSLR :)) I want that photos asap, please :D Ate next to the KBS and Superboy. I'm starting to feel sad thinking how badly I'm going to miss all of them :'( Meet up with pretty boy and his classmates. ouh lala ~ eye candies baybeh. grrr :p

Went back home. Repacked everything ( FINAL CHECKUP) then load my things with Nadia's inside KJ. Then Nadia and I bid farewell to the girls and everyone else. Sedihnya D: Didn't get to see Superboy before I leave Polo *long dreaded sigh* ouh well.

Din, Adam, Megat and Adam's friend had us installed as they took us to this kedai makan near UiTM Pahang. Bergelak ketawa macam orang gila thanks to the trio. Asyik mengenakan Maddy yang tengah kesejukan :p kesian Maddy. Haha ! Bersembang dengan kawan Adam. Dia belajar kat UiTM Penang. ahh:D dan saya rasa dia sangat comel:D *hormonal changing* LMAO.

All of them waited until we leave, which I think so sweet of them to do so :)) Nvm girls. you'll have your time soon enough :) Din sempat lagi membuli saya dengan menyeksa Engku Harvey. Kejam tsk tsk -.-" Sabar je lah. Nasib baik dah cuti sem. Bluek :p

and the best part of the night happened.

I was in the bus at that time. Waiting for the bus to move. Decided to call Yaya (using Nadia's phone. Heh :p ) So she did. Talked to Boolat first then talked to Yaya. Then suddenly an idea popped in my head. *angkat kening 8D told Yaya about it and she agreed. He is so sexy *melts* Okay. Enough explanation. *explodes* haha.

Wanted Superboy to accompany me during the journey but he was already worn out. nvm lah. I promise i'll ring you when I come down to KL soon *pinky promise* :D and thank you, Bob *hugs* :DD

The rest of the night was scary and memorable. BENDA HALUS wtf D:

Home sweet home ;)

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