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confession night.
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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(nota kaki : saya telah di influence oleh Sofeya dengan cara penulisan blog yang sangat awesome ini . HAHA. *salute Sofeya ;D )

so I had my second confession night earlier on with the girls. Witnessed by the stars, the five on us sat down and told everything. by EVERTHING, i mean EVERYTHING. I come clean about all the things I had to say. so does everyone else. It feels good knowing there's no more secret between us :)) We don't just talk. We confessed.

Fortunate enough, there are things that are meant to be kept by ourselves. Okay for me:))

I know they ( including me ) have not come clean completely. but , oh well. Heh.

It really made me think, how life would be without these people here. I mean, it is indeed a blessing knowing them for almost 6 months already. heeee. I love you guys so much :D I texted pretty boy as well. Was supposed to study O-Ad but I left it for a while just for tonight. Haha. I'm so going to screw my head off tomorrow. LOL. Haven't finish studying at all. eeeeeee.

Elmo texted me too. Wished him good luck for his Building Services, test tonight. Good luck to all the other architechture students too :) Amin. Was bored just now, therefore I tried Yaya's webcam. Camwhore lah, apa lagi ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :') Record video as well. Heh.

Went out with pretty boy after midnight to release stress. Dia bawak keta macam orang psycho. Takut gile D: but best kodd . NYOHOHOHOHOHO >:D Tekan minyak, lepas minyak. tekan minyak. lepas minyak. Went all perverted over him *angkat kening 8D Then lepak dengan Maddy and Wani. BEST BEST :b Ran out of credit calling Yaya -.-" Borrowed RM5 from Wani. Thanks ! :D

Asked pretty boy to accompany me to 7-E . Thank you sayang :)) Then went back home with Wanie. The day was a wrap. TEEHEE.

Back studying O-Ad. *pukes* -.-" WISH ME LUCK PLEASE.

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