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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Syuhada. 'Amira. Atika.

I woke up at around 7.30 am, thanks to Mak ( bising na raya dia tuh ) and washed up straight away. Mandi. Phone is still on silent mode. HUH. sepi je .____. stress. HAHA.then sapu rumah sikit-sikit and waited for my turn to take a bath. heee. Watched tv while at it. Merepek with my sis jap. Then mandi. After that, I went to 'Amira's for a little bit of makan-makan :D

Went all retarded with Amira and Syuhada for sure. They had me laughing the whole time. lols. We talked about college, friends and uhm - stuffs. heeee. Went LOL as we camwhored with Amira's DSLR and my camera. haha. and the conversations went tettttt tuttt. *merepek* Amira's mum cooked rendang ayam. yum yum *drools* ;D bersembang sambil berFACEBOOK dengan laptop Amira.

and stalk SYED FAIDY ISKANDAR. *gelak keji* >:D

After that I sent Syuhada home and headed home. Then decided to transfer ALL the photos from my camera into the computer and had it all erased. leaving the SD Card EMPTY. So that NEW photos can be taken without any hesistation . hekhek. While at it, I checked my friend request and FINALLY approved Akmal ( Ayuni's friend) Hihi. sorry tak kenal :p Added him on Skype and started to ber-Skype dgn dia. BOSAN punya pasal kaaaaaan? Huuu.

He called me via Skype and had me LOLing (again) as we talked. He's so SHY ! Shyboy :p hahahahahaha. went offline around 3 pm. Chilled as I ate the laksa and the nasi impit my mum and sis made. yums ;D Fell asleep when it begins to rain. waaaaaaa. Then, I texted Isma as well as Christopher. Omgg. I MISS CHRISTOPHER SO BAD T.T the last time I saw him was earlier this year? or was it last year? Can't remember. but yeah, am very happy to be able to keep in touch with him again (Y) :'D

Was kinda depressed earlier on, thus causing a depressing behaviour after I went offline. Yeap, I am kinda sad because my phone is VERY quite these days. Macam kena sumpah. sunyi semacam je :'( I went complaining to pretty boy, and guess what did he did ? HE CALLED ME ;D Rasa terharu sangat. Thanks ! Sekali lagi, ingin saya katakan bahawa handphone saya sangat sunyi ! aaaaaaaaaaa. *face palms* :/

Probably the main reason why am I so depressed is probably because I couldn't focus in anything I do these days. Masih lagi demam rindu ke? hmmm. I miss my clans back in Kuantan. GAH -.-" Haven't continue writing the novel. DAMN. shall start working on it tmr. heee. I miss writing too ! :DD

On a completely unrelated note, I have to look for a job soon if I want a laptop. or a new handphone. or a DSLR. *pouts* D: So, the conclusion is, I will look for a job. err - maybe as a tutor like I used to be. Heh.

Now I can sleep well. I am very much contented. Thank yous :))

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