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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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so my MAT112 paper just ended today. am glad that I can actually do it somehow. Waited impatiently in the examination hall for two freaking hours and couldn't stay still anymore. HAHA. Answered the paper for one and a half hour and spent half an hour writing a new short fics :D heeeee. I did not sleep for the whole night yesterday. Tidur pun tidur-tidur ayam je.

Chatted with Elmo via Skype :)) YAY ELMO ! Got involved in another misunderstanding with Superboy *teary eyes* Sorry :'( I dont know why I am acting oversensitively over what the two of us talked about. Maybe I'm so touchy ? sigh. Sorry. it was entirely my fault. Like hello, the two of us are best friends aite ? We can practically call ourselves homey :D Oh well. I'll let him cool down a little bit. Sorry again ! *give sweets* :)

Pretty boy is not feeling well. He had that feverish feeling attacking him last night. That poor poor boy :(
sayang, get well soon, aite ? His fever got even worse today when he found out that his MARA application had been rejected. He cried. My pretty boy cried. oh well. I shall check up on him later.

I'm going to start packing for my stuffs to go back to Klang. A little bit too early, but who cares ? :D I am finally on a long holiday break. Let's hope lots of fun things are waiting impatiently for me at home before I got bored to death. heeee. My last paper is on the 9th and I'm going back home with Nadia on the 10th after her paper :)

For now, I'm no longer interested in knowing more about Kent. he's just tad mysterious. can go crazy only by thinking about him. -__- " but heh, I am still your homegrown world calss pervert. tee hee hee. Wanna go back berbonding with my friends back in Klang. Getting my class photo tomorrow. YAY :b

Nadia and I did something the other day. Too sneaky to be exposed here. Shall not elaborate more on this. but yesh, Nadia and I are two happy girls (Y) :'D

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