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Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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What Nadia and I did when we got
extremely bored ;O

OHHALLOWTHAR. *eats cookies*

So, today marked the day ; 9 Nov 2010. Today's afternoon was the time where I sat for my last final paper for this semester. Although, I did NOT do well for the paper, but I am glad that at least I can do the objective part *positive thinking* ;D When to college alone. Luckily one of Superboy's classmate was there :)) So, I hang out with her as I waited for the clock to reach 9 a.m :D

It was tad pressuring the moment I entered the examination hall. PFFT. I actually borrowed Iqah's baju kurung because I had none and because I packed all my baju kurung already . Heh. Looking at my reflection as I passed the glass door, I looked better with soft-toned clothings lah. Nanti nak beli baju-baju yang bertona lembut :3 yay ! :)) Sat for the paper and was dead sleepy right after that.

Masa exam pun boleh tidur lagi * awkward laugh* Haha :')

Glanced at Encik Faiz as he stood up in front of me . Hoho he's cute (Y) :'D Babbled at myself, packed my things and went out at 10.30 a.m. Can't handle the pressure anymore. MEH -.-" Went back home with Intan and the 1B girls.

Superboy's mood is still seems to be off :'( I don't know what else to do. SIGH.

Texted Bob the whole afternoon. Haha. Shumel je dia tuh :) sayang Bob ! :b Camwhored with Nadia because out of sudden, we were bored and feeling so random. so at the end, you got the photos above. Haha ! :P *random* Made our final check list before we go back tomorrow night.

YESH, in less than 48 hours, I'll be back in Klang. but to think again, kinda sad leaving everyone here in Kuantan. Boolat and Yaya, take good care of yourself ya? :D i love you guys ! lol. heee. We shall meet up at Nadia's for her brother's wedding. weeeeee.

It's already Maghrib now. I want to take a bath and go for dinner. Shall finish up the laundry tonight :)) and then i shall waste MOAR time. by stalking Kent ? >:D

All the best to all UTM students for your test 3 :))

Happy birthday, Wanie :D i na rambut baru youuuuuuuuuuu ! *chews hair* 8D

Na balik kampung *chants* :DDD

Adieu. Till we meet again. xx

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