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hi again !
Friday, November 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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yes, I do feel like blogging again today. heeeee.

So yesterday, was A-Day-To-Call-A-Bestfriend ( as quoted by Shikin *i think so* ) so I took my phone and immediately call babe Tirzah. heeee. and the moment I spoke to her, she went " omgg, Atika "

I was like, WHAT ?!?! ( note : I sound like a Chinese when I speak in English these few days. idk why -.-" )

"you sounds so much like a Malay ! " then she laughed.

I went " HAHAHAHAHA !" ( cue : awkward laugh) " is it BAD?! " I asked her.

When it comes to think about it, the way I talk is different nowadays. Oh well :)

I am the kind of person who will adapt one's way of blending themselves into the crowd before I start socializing with them. Thank you :)

I can entitled myself as I / aku / saya / kita at the same time.
depends on how the other party interact with me.

To be honest, I changed a lot when I entered college. good and bad side. COLLEGE LIFE IS INDEED AMAZING ! :D I am already adapting everything here. I can mingle well and socialize well. Not much of good-looking hao ren or in tu ren here, but nvm lah, malai ren also very good looking already. i loike :') heeee. Mind you, I'm not being racist here.

Then, there's the eye candies. oh la la. hihi. Sorry lah. Like I said, I'm quite hormonal these days. Thanks to perverted mind of my friends. lol. Em. Study went well. Final paper is next Tuesday. Ms. D's paper ; Office Administration 1. shall aced it well since I screwed up all her quizzes and tests pretty bad. hehe. sorry miss *show braces* :'D

I am coming back to Klang on Nov 10th, midnight bus. Transnasional :D together with Nadia. Ngehehehe. gossip sessions again. heeeeeeeee. Thank you superboy for the generous help of buying the bus tickets. sayang you ouh ♥ *bagi Ribena* :) I am going to miss the people in Kuantan here. hurm. My boys, my KBS(s) ( kawan baik selamanya ) haha and practically anyone that are worth to be missed. LOL. *chants KENT* :DDDD

I just got my class photos and it look stunning >:D I went TEE HEE the moment I saw it. Slightly over edited, but who cares really ? :p haha. and best of all, I got my class photos for FREE. yaaaaay ! :) Anyways, I also called the bestfriend ; Ayuni just now. Emo-ing at first ( read previous post) then went crazy talking about our life after high school. it fun fun fun. I couldn't be any sadder. Thank you, babe :D Called Sanjeeva and Shamala to wish them Happy Deepavali :)

I am starting to miss my friends. Ta sabar na balik :))

What else eh ? Oh yes. Anas joined us during dinner today. Shumel nya dia ! 8D sorry lah. I am quite a chubby-chaser actually ( gay term ? ) LOL. Had fun chatting with Safuan. Take few photos. Meet Nab, Dora and their friends as they came and greet us. heeee. Wan was already blushing. HAAAAA ;) They are going to move into the house behind Akmal's . Nab, be careful, nanti kena intai :P

I am going to start packing my stuff tomorrow after I washed all my dirty clothes ? :DD Yeah. I am so estatic. full of estacy now :B Then it's study time :) a ya. I am currently working on a new novel ; about my life here in Kuantan. it is called OUR STORY. Everyone I knew here would be in the book. Insya-Allah :)) Writing when ideas popped in. Best :) it feels like myself again. haha. Boolat and Yaya went to Teluk Cempedak to celebrate Afiq's birthday. gomawa :) Have fun ! x

I have sinned . and I shall repent now. aaaaaaaaa. *makan chocolate banyak-banyak* :'(

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