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home sweet home ;)
Thursday, November 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So I'm back in Klang from today onwards. There are so many things I had in mind in doing. First of all it had to be hang outs with my girls here ;) Ayuni and I are going on a girl night out. weeehoooo ! ;) Then there's checklist I need to get done with my sister.

Okay, it is just spring cleaning. but wtheck, right? ;D

Then I want to go and find myself a job :)) Go that I can earn money and spend it on the things I want to do :D heee. Missing the clans in Kuantan badly. Right now, there's only Boolat and Yaya and also Shikin left. huuuu D: Takpe. we can surely meet up soon kaaaaaan? :)) I miss Superboy too ! aaaaaaaa D:

Felt different to be rotting at home. Mak is currently baking kuih 24/7 ;O Macam suspicious je. lol. My computer is in a very good mood. Agak hang lah jugak sebab RAM computer dah slow. PFFT. Ta pe, ta pe. Wait till I get myself a laptop (Y) :'D

and I shall named my laptop, KENT. CLARK KENT :D *gelak ActionKamen* heeeee.

Chatted with Ariff via MSN just now. lol. So long didn't update him . Haha. Sorry, Ariff :)) Had fun talking on the phone with Akmal. Sorry lah you. I tengah tido masa you call. Heh:D Got scolded with my mum sebab pemalas na mampus. ta tolong mengemas rumah pun. ala, mak ni. releks sudah ? *gelak sorang-sorang* :P

The reason I changed the way I blogged is because of the changes I've had for the past few months. So yeah. I like and I don't like what have been happening for the past few months. Fare and suqare kan? :) I'm a normal human being, so don't blame me if it was entirely your fault . DUH -.-"
Planning of going out to meet my besties tonight. Can't waittttt ! ;)

So, I've planned everything for this month ( not necessarily in order ) ;

- Wardrobe cleaning ( buang baju yang da tak pakai / rosak / buruk . euww -.- )
- Menjadi anak yang baik dan mendengar kata ( HAHA. EPIC )
- Look for a job :)
- Stalk KENT. maybe *angkat kening 8D
- Write a new novel.
- Shopping (kalau ada duit )
- Organize my stuffs. Bilik macam tongkang pecah -___-"
- Online like there's no tmr.
- Take up my driving license ( Abah, pleaseeeeeeeeee D: )
- Belajar untuk memasak. Hoho (Y) :'D

Sebenarnya banyak lagi, tapi ta ingat lah. UGH. Mood swing secara tiba-tiba :'(

Adieu, folks.

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