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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday, November 28, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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my croc in frozen bits :)

My younger sister is madly in love in photography, and the photo above are just some of her piece. amazing ? You bet. HAHA. I wished you all the best in pursuing your dream, sista ;) Hee !

*tukar channel* :D

I went shopping with my mum today for my things for me to bring back to Kuantan. it's official, I'm going back to Kuantan on Dec 26th :) I bought my first high heels. Hehe. excited alright. Can't wait to show it to my friends. heee. Bought two formal wears ; t-shirt which are completely GORGEOUS ♥ HOT.RED.DRESS. SEXYYYYYY !! ;) Went back home and rest. As I was laying on the bed, it had me thinking about relationships. all of sudden.

I don't know. but sometimes, it feels weird to be SINGLE. like single single ya know ? :o and I often ponder how does it feels to be in love . Asked the question on Facebook and many responded with all sorts of answers.


Maybe if I were to have ay boyfriend ( like for real) , i would definitely take good care of him. I'll love him for sure ( like duh ._. ) and err - do the things like the girlfriends and boyfriends do together. Ouh well. Bila lah agaknya Atika na dapat boyfriend kan ? :) My friends said, my future boyfriend will be very LUCKY to have me. Haha. Thanks, guys *blushed* Kehkeh. :')

Okay, tu je slot mengenai relationship malam ni. Kita sambung esok pulak. Hee.

I chatted with Naqib just now. Haha. The Naqib , my so-called virtual husband. it has been ages since i last talk to him. so when he replied my wall posts on Facebook, i got completely psyched. Hahahaha. aww, Naqib. i miss you kodd :)) His comments were completely LMAO-worthy as I can stop laughing as I read it again and again. Hahahaha. Got addicted commenting wall to wall with my friends. it's addictive. haha. Bob has finally settled down at UniSel. He's going to take TESL. and speaking of Bob, OMGG ! THE SHORT FICTION ! aaaaaa. belum siap lagi. sorry ! D;

Am going to write more short fictions this sem break :)

Na text orang, tapi ta de duit. and kredit pun macam ta menyebelahi saya je D; sakit hati. ish. Decided that red would be our theme colour for my clans. weee. ta sabar. Superboy is getting a red long-sleeves t-shirt (Y) :'D Hehe. Mum is coming back from work in a while later. Must go offline before she got home or im screwed. :p Kehkeh. Had a really good day today. Hope days like this will happen again tomorrow. better still, everyday ! ;D

Body aching. Butt are fidgetting. Eek.

Hugs, love :)

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