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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Mari kita meronggeng.
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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tell us that we dont look the same and you'll live.

Come to think about it, mums DO love to nag. MUM NAGS ALOT ! -.-" sometimes, i wonder if i ever going to turn like my mum. Hoho :p but then, she nags for so many reasons. Partially because of ME . Heh. Mak saya memang kuat membebel. Hekhek. Phone is outta credit. Therefore, resulting the lifeless me *dramatic dying scene* 8D Did the house chores. aaaa. bosan. My English teacher told me to venture into full time writing, but i have to put all that on hold because i dont have any laptop with me now. huh. Mum called me LAZYARSE because I refused to help her. not that I dont want to, but she's very much sarcastic when I was about to help her. Bak kata orang, ayat makan dalam tuh D: Can't wait for Abah to get back home.

Went online and clear up my stuffs. sigh. When am I getting my own laptop ?! :o sumpah ta tahan. I miss Superboy. da lama ta text dia. he's currently working as a promoter now. Keje elok2 ah you. Wished pretty boy a MEGABLAST HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! ;D i sayang you :)) My sis just came back from answering her SPM English paper. Glad she did well. heee.

Okay, I have a pathetic social life. eeeeeee.

Went for job-hunting yesterday. no clue that it would be harder. damn. i mean, no one would hire someone who are only on a MONTH break, right? Gile aah. Still waiting for their call tho. PUH-LEASE CALL MEH !! D:

I want a laptop, please.

Skyped with Zaty just now. poor thing, she's not feeling well. Speedy recovery , hunn <33 I'm bored to death now. Ta de mood. Ada orang tuh da na pindah. haih. sedih :'( Okay, Mak calling now. Nak belajar memasak ni.

Adieu, folks. xx

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