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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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my boys.
Friday, November 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I don't know why every night in these few days, my back will hurts. it's not like the bones or fleshes are rejuvinating after a terrible accident, it just . . . . hurts. I went complaining to Elmo and Superboy, got sarcastically abrupted by them. Padam muka kau, Atika. Mengada-ngada sangat kan. Huuuuuu *sniffs* D: nak manja pun salah eh ? ye lah. ye lah. salah engkau jugak, nak bermanja pukul 1 pagi kan ? *face palms* :|

Superboy is really not in the mood these few days. and I am dying to know what actually happened. Kesian you kan ? Cite lah kat i. I na balik Klang Rabu depan da. Nanti ta dapat story. aaaaaaaaaa. For now, here's a hug for you *hugs* :D

Pretty boy is just *roll eyes* confusing. Get over her, would you ? *shakes head* eeeee. ta paham betul. you're that heartbroken ay ? Ta pe, i ada. *pats head* :)

Kent ? I haven't see him in a while. and to be honest, I miss seeing him. I mean, I didn't get to talk to him for days already. A week to be precise. Sometimes, it is just so frustrating knowing that I am not myself around him. and it doesn't happen to anyone. I am like, so eager to talk to him everytime I see him. but bila jumpa dengan si jejaka, blaaaaaaaaaah. lidah kelu tidak boleh berkata-kata. HAHA ! Ayat nak mintak kuali mak kodd :p

and now I feel like emo-ing. ( nak tido sebenarnya) Chuz.

P/S : I love my boys :')

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