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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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pink panther
Friday, November 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am currently alone inside my room. not so empty room. my girls and boys went out to Teluk Cempedak (TC) during dusk ealier. They told me that they wanted to watch the sunset. They asked me to tag along, but I had to pass. Yours truly is really saving till next Wednesday. Blaaaaah. No money, no talk. lol.

So what have I been doing today ?

I've done the laundry. I went online. I read novels. I updated my Booksie account. I cleaned the room. I cleaned the house. so many chores:) haha. i am a happy girl. Currently very much contented at the moment. heeee:) watched Pink Panther 2 just now. FUNNY show. Haha ! :p

Everyone came back home just now. I dont know why everyone is moody. Superboy needs his alone time. so yeah:) All is well,dearest. Don't worry. I'll be here if you need me:D that goes the same to everyone else. don't be sad. cheer up:))

Okay, I just came back home from TC. heee. Adam fetched me from the house and we headed there. but before that, we went to Flora Cafe for a nice and relaxing midnight supper. haha. yum *bigbiggrins* :B then we headed to TC and met Fasha and Haziq *winks* :] Thank you Adam for the ride ! although with the very daring motorcycle stunts :p haha ! Nori is having his personal photoshoot outside ; at the playground. Wan told me that he wanted to sell all the photos that he took around Kuantan during sem break next week. Em. Wan, can I have some of your cash too ? hehe :P The clans are awake. hmm. something new to me :')

I am going to finish the rest of the chores and obligations tomorrow. Let's hope it works this time. Heh. Can't install anymore time. I'll be in deep trouble. Anyhoo, just so you know, I am very much inspired nowadays. and I am very eccentric thinking about it:D yaaay me ! *hugs self* :DDD

it's 3 in the morning now. and that were all the things I've done so far today. tee hee hee :))

Off to bed now. *clicks*

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