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Saturday, November 27, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Mohamad Hibri Syafiq . Good-looking ay ? ;)


Since I am no longer working for the rest of the semester break, my mum said we have to cut down the things i wanted to buy for the second semester . Imagine the horror D; Gotta admit, sometimes I do wish that somehow money will just fall off from the sky or even grow from the trees.

Okay, that's just plain impossible. lols.

Since my sister is going for National Service, she had to buy truckloads of NEW things ( Goverment's order wtf ) and all the NEW things cost a fortune. No bull. Told ya NS brings nothing but burning a hole in your pocket. Experience and integrity wise, YES but it is really time consuming . With my family financial state right now, there are no way that I could afford all the things in my must-buy-list *pouts* D:

Ouh well. Just go with the flow then.

Once the new sem commences, i am so going to hunt for a job. Prolly working as a tutor at Smart Reader's Kids Centre. heee ;) Once, I am already working, then my parents won't be all troubled to sponsor me already (Y) awesomeness. Seeing how hardworking my parents are ( especially Abah) made me shed tears in silence sometimes. Knowing that I won't be able to repay them soon enough.


Today was just blissful. Had fun chatting with mum as others were away during the day. Cooked my very own cekodok pisang. yum yum ;) Jealous anot ? heee. Mum said i am getting better in cleaning the house. Hekhek. Da boleh kawen ke, mak ? :p Haha.
and frankly, sometimes I purposely put my phone on silent mode and turn off the vibration because I needed to be left alone. True ? Maybe. My Hotlink plans are just irritating. Will get it fixed when I got money from Abah :)) It feels really weird not having any money in my hands right now. Easy said, I'm BROKE, completely.

Texted superboy. He is not feeling well. Rest well ouh , dearest. I don't want you to fall sick . plus, you're working *hugs* :D Akmal called me and told me that we're going for another road trip end of Dec. omgg. I'm completely psyched ! :DDD Called Boolat. Talked to Yaya. Rindu punya pasal. Heh. Writing another short fic. This time is for Bob (Y) :'D

Ate and ate the whole day. I'm getting fat. Oh noes ;( Am joining DAUN's charity project. Can't wait ! meeting up with the amores later. waaaaaa. best best ! :b Five weeks left before I'm back in Kuantan. Excited ? Hell yea ! ;D

Do you know I ate three plates of mee today ? I bet you didn't . HAHA.

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