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so be it.
Thursday, November 25, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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credits goes to Aiman Jaafar, the bery awesome artist ;)

Thought I'm going to start working tonight, but mum told me just now that I am not going to work tonight. ouh well *shrugs* :p Gotta stop going online so much because my computer is getting old, thus causing it to run bery slow, slower than the snail *exxagerate* hekhek. My mum told me that I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow. Yipeee !! *beams happily* ;) Let's hope I'll let a new laptop by tomorrow. ouh yes (Y) :'D

My mouse ( tetikus) is literally pissin' me off. ugh. *buku lima* D: Mcm asdfghjkl; je .__. I am going to buy a new one ! *semangat* FUN 8D Kenapa handphone saya asyik berbunyi ( menandakan ade sms yang masuk) hari ni ? Time aku ta de gak lah ramai org msg. ish ish. Craving for a new phone. Abah, ble na gaji ? kakak na handphone baru, pwease ? *buad muka comel* kehkehkeh.

Suddenly it popped into my head ; zomg, I'm going to be 19 next year. whoosh ! ;D hahahaha. na cakap tu je, sebenarnya. Hihi. Chatted with Ayuni just now. Finally got our hang out photos the other day. Thanks, bestie ! :)) oh, and she's also wondering who is Superboy. haha. Superboy ialah kawan baik saya. dia amazing. kan ? kan ? >:D Akmal is jealous of my Superboy. haha. Buad apa na jealous ? Pegi revise physics tu elok2. shoo shoo.

I want sweet corn. yum yum :]

Bob seems to be having mood swings. Kenapa ni ? Cite lah. i kan ade :'( Damn phone still no credit. aaaaaaaa. stress. Skimmed through my photos' folders and found this ;

Hekhekhek. BEST BIRTHDAY gift yet :p

*fangirl moments* :DDDD

Shall start doing sit ups now. Stomach getting flabby. aha:D

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