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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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a thought.
Friday, November 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Taken from Xiu Ming's ;

I feel so pissed at the moment I don't think I can study.

Why am I so mad?

Because I'm sick of hearing people rant about their parents or complain about them or even worst, cursed them and swear at them here on the web.

What's so screwed up about them towards you that you have to keep on ranting about how they treat you? They start nagging, you complain, they hit you, you complain. Ever try sitting back and think why are they like that? If you don't then let me tell you that they did it because they love you. They could just leave you alone, go hang out with their friends, facial, tour or whatever but why they choose to stay home and look at whatever you're doing and judge you? BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU. If they don't they wouldn't even give a shit about what's happening in your life.

And now you're telling me you want them dead or just asked them to leave you alone.

What if that curse of yours really happened?

Do you think you can live a life until you're 80, 90 with that kind of feeling that you cursed your parents until they're dead haunting you? What are you going to tell your family next time?
You have no idea how does it feel like losing a parent or both of them. You have seriously no idea how it feels like. It's always the human nature, to have greed and take advantage of everything they got and until they lose that something, they only realised that they're wrong.

You're not doing things the hard way yet so just get over the damn attitude of you cursing your parents and listen to the advise to love and appreciate them for as long as you or they live. You don't want to come to the stage where you have to regret things, and tear up on everything later on.

People who had lost something know how it feels. I know how it feels and it sucks so much more than you stabbing yourself a zillion times.

Sometimes the kind of things you say make me want to slap the hell out of you, to rip you alive and drown you in your stupid so call misery. Try thinking and putting your shoes to other people's position first before you do anything so reckless. As much as you hate someone, I hope so damn much to love someone as much as you hate that someone. Seriously. You cursed them to be dead, I hoped he's alive. You want them to suffer, I want him to be in peace. You want every bad things to happen to them, I want every single good things that is in life to happen to them. Do you know how I feel?

You won't be who you are without them. Whether they treated you good or torture you to the max. You wouldn't be who you are without them. You wouldn't even exist without them. Better off not existing than being a child who curse their own parents. Where will you live? Who will support you 100%? Who will give you your allowance? Who will bring you to your favourite places and guarantee your wealth and health? You think your best friends can help you when you're in trouble? Yes, I won't deny that they will help but how long will they help you? Your other family members will be there for you. Yes they will, but don't they have their own kids to look after? Or my grandparents can look after me. How long are they to live to look after you? And you're not even passed the age to work and you have no experience in life at all, and you tell me you can live a life without them? In the life right now, you'll just end up rotting for heaven's sake.

They are willing to die for us, are we willing to die for them?

Are you so god damn big hearted to do such huge sacrifise for them? Are you?

Even if you don't, at least appreciate and treasure all the moments you got. Once they're gone, they're really gone. It'll hit you once you finally realised. It'll definitely hit you. It will definitely crush you into more pieces you can imagine. It's not the kind of feeling when you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Or when a bunch of friends start backstabbing you and hate you. Or your best friends leave you all alone. Or you lost your pet or lose something you love. Even if you combine all these pain together won't beat the pain you lose your parents. You really can't compare. It's a different pain. Very very different and much more painful than anything.

Are you still complaining that you don't have any branded goods like how all your other friends have?

Are you still complaining that you don't have an IPhone4 , or a MacBook , or a DSLR , or a Ipad whatever?

Are you still god damn complaining about how screwed up your life with your parents around?

If you are, I want to screw your god damn brain and burn you alive! I seriously want to do it.

For now, just sit back and think, okay? Think of the things you actually said about your parents. You don't have to regret it but I think it's time for you to stop and appreciate things they do for you and treasure the times that they're with you. They're not going to live with you forever. Don't wait until they leave you and you regret. Don't wait until that sort of moment. It'll be too painful for you to handle, trust me.