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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday, November 14, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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so I am currently waiting for Nadia to go online on Skype now. PSH. *yawns*

Today had been a terrible day. I'm down with sudden fever and were unable to get up from the bed. Didn't consume any foods since morning. UGH. Called Boolat. She was with Nadia, Yaya and Wan ; eating KFC. Jealous can? Hoho :p Did not go anywhere. Heck, I couldn't even wake up from my bed. eeeeee :'( Texted everyone but none replied. Decided to put my phone on silent mode from today onwards. aaaa. Watched some ridiculous movie on AXN. LAME arse. -___- "

Pretty boy is at Johor now. Celebrating Hari Raya Haji there with his family. Had some discussion with Superboy yesterday night. you'll be fine, dearest. I can assure you that:D My computer is in a very good mood tonight *pats monitor :B

Were unable to carry out with my Maxis changing plan today. Will go to the center tomorrow with my mummy. Heh. On the contrary, tonight has been quite an interesting night. hmm. Called Ayuni earlier. Haha. *inside joke* :')

Boring night. SERIOUSLY.

Finally got to talk to Abah after a few night not being able to chat with him. yays ! :)) Currently with new and improved Superboy :) Bagus lah you da okay. Be optimistic alrighty? :D My sis and mummy bought satu kotak ice cream rainbow. Da lama ta makan. Rindu ;) Heh.

Still waiting for Nadia. aaaaaa. Where is she?

Been going online for TWO hours and I did . . . . . nothing. BLIMEY ! what a surprise ! *gasp* ;O Facebook. no more excitement. bleeeergh. I miss the clans already. Usually at this time, we will be at CM, eating or just chit chatting. ouh well <3 Going for my dental appointment tomorrow. Was afraid of getting an operation on my gum. yikes ! D: Hope everything goes well. hihi. Will go for job hunting soon. and going back to Perak for the weekend. Weeee! :))

I'll give you a proper update once I am in the right mood.


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