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The XY factors. Hiiii.
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Decided to do this survey about my TEN favourite BOY friends. Haha. Seems interesting. questions for different people. Heh.

Take note : photos are taken from their Facebook account. LOL. so yeah. enjoy ! ;D

1 - your closest friend at the moment.

Namie ; the superboy.

because I ought to let him know what is happening in my everyday life. it is somehow, a necessity lol. He's very funny once you got to know him well. Tad shy sometimes . A photography scientist :D He knows my secrets as I know his. Easy said, he's like my other half. HAHA. Superduper awesome okeh. Thank you ! :)

2 - your guardian angel.

Akmal ; the Dewatacarut. Haha :p

Never fails to cheer me up as he has always been there for me always. He's an expert for almost all the things . from fashions to entrepreneurship , he knows it all. Someone who is very outspoken and gila-gila. Sangat sensitive. Heh. Tapi baik hati. He is very reliable indeed. :)

3- The one you always remember.

Danny Lim Jih Yang ; the bestie .

Always thought of him no matter how busy I am. Though, I did not text him, but I always checked out his FB profile and read his blog to know how is he doing. He's like the awesome-est guy ever, no doubt. and super cute too ! *chubby cheeks alert!* tee hee hee ;) Saya sangat sayang Danny :D and Danny, sorry if I ever made you angry or anything. you know I miss you always kan? Haha :)

4- your first BOY friend.

Sanjeeva Rao : the artist.

Takkan lupakan dia sampai bila-bila :] Been friends with him for 11 years . and counting. Tak pernah menghampakan saya. dan sangat berbakat. Dia suka membebel dan mengarut, tapi saya tak kisah. HAHAHA. kan ? kan ? >:D Atika memang suka merepek dengan Sanjeeva, sebab dia best. Heeeee.

5- your happy pill.

Afiq ; the prankmaster.

Orang tak tau, tapi Afiq ni lah yang sentiasa membuatkan Atika tak berenti ketawa. Even bila baca comment dia kat fesbuk ( style Afiq) pun, Atika dah tersenyum kambing. Hakhak. He is an amazing dude in SO many ways. Tak tau apa akan jadi kalau tak kenal dia. Haha. Bangga tak Afiq ? :B

6- your OHANA.

Bob ; the Elmo.

Lilo said, OHANA means FAMILY. I assumed Bob is considered as my family now. He's like the big brother. Always there to hear me out. We shared thoughts and issues about everything. He's very err - talented. likewise, very puitis :) Aha. you are amazing, big brother :)

7- the one with all the surprises.

Adrian ; the performer.

At first glance, no one would have thought that he is a magician. Prolly because he is very goofy most of the time. Haha ! :p I do envy his talent of performing magic tricks. BEST. He is also one of my sayang that I adore him bery much. kan sayang kan ? ;D The only guy who loves to camwhore. LOLOLOL xD Can't wait to see him again ! :D

8- The one with all the charms.

Hibri Syafiq ; the show stopper.

Girls will ALWAYS looked TWICE every time he walks next to them. Tak tipu. *senyum tunjuk gigi* ;D He is very charming that even his teeth sparkles. Did i tell you HE'S TALL ?! tall is sexy ;) LOL. But seriously, he is very electrifiying once you get to know him. Macam ada magic vibration bila cakap dengan dia. Heh. Caring , nice and warm-hearted are all within himself. and YES, Atika sangat suka berkawan dengan dia. Dia sangat kelakar dan baik hati . Thank you Syafiq for being such a great friend :)

9 - your dream guy.

Clark Kent ; the prince charming.

( bukan gambar sebenar )

All you guys have to know is that Clark Kent had been the reason why Atika is not Atika around him. Like seriously, he is THAT electrifiying. Heh. CLARK KENT fo' shizz yaw ! :BI am not going to reveal his real name nor his photos all because it is all FORBIDDEN. Hanya Clark Kent yang boleh membuatkan Atika kelu tak berkata-kata. Okay, tu je nak cakap. and remember, this WAS suppose to be a secret, okeh? Pinky promise, everyone? :D but like duh, I LAIKE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH ! ;D now we can stareeeeeeee at Tom Welling's overtanned body over and over again . yum yum (Y) :'D

10 - the charming one.

Aaron Minjoot ; the Dutchboy.

He's smart. and cute. and SMART. I prefer the CUTE part. Heh :p but no bull, he's smart. He got all the brainy stuffs inside his head. Brainy. best best ! :b Talented too. in all that graphic thingy. and singing . right ? ;D Did I tell you that he's funny ? *giggles* :B The only Dutchboy yang saya kenal. Haha.
Can't wait to see him again ! :D

Now I would like to see these people favourite guys :
-Jo Yee.
- Kimberly.
-Nab Noona.

So long, peeps. xo.