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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Friday, December 24, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I watched Gulliver's Travel yesterday ( midnight show ) the moment I reached Kuantan. Thanks to Maddy, Adam and his friend, Awad for fetching me all the way from the terminal and around Kuantan. Saya sangat merindui Kuantan :)

I hopped into the bus at 4 pm sharp. Syafiq called to check how's moi doing. Thanks :) Daddy dearest was away so his bestf waited for my departure on his behalf. Rindu kat Abah laah :'( Chatted with this guy who sat next to me. He's from Terengganu and he is working as a Maritim Magement Officer. HAHAHAHA. Bosan punya pasal. Sembang jer lah ouh :P

Was rotting in the bus since I was so uncomfortable in it. PSH. I had to place my big bags in front of me since I couldn't put it in the trunk. PSH. Texted Syafiq to kill boredom. hahaha. Thanks ! inside joke. Ekekeke :') Journey took longer than it should simply because of the bus driver. Rasa nak bakar jer kodd bus tuh. zzzzz. The moment I reached Kuantan, they brought me to this Sara Thai Restaurant and we had our dinner ( mine at least) :D

Texted everyone back home announcing my safe arrival at Kuantan. Called some of them as well. Had fun laughing hysterically with Adam's expression , Maddy's blurness and Awad's cold jokes. LOL. EPIC :'D Then , pergi usha bapok kelas A berdekatan Megamall. ( aktiviti kegemaran Awad pada masa lapang) . TAKUT. okay, no elaboration needed for that . Eek.

Watched movie. Rated it 6/10 coz I was somehow worn out that I felt the movie was not really enjoyable. Hurm. Took pictures with Adam's DSLR. FUN FUN FUN. Screamed like a retard inside Adam's car. HIGH secara tiba-tiba. Hekhek. Reached home at around 2 in the morning. Had a great time with the heart-to-heart talk with Maddy Hayazi. I love youuuuuu :* ♥

It was one heck of a celebration of Atika's arrival. HAHAHAHAHA.

Pratice today was HARDDDDD. like superhard. Miss Sue switched my role and now I am the nerdy bestf who loves to talk and nag all the times. I'll do my very best this time since there will be VVIPs watching . My theater show will be on Dec 30th at Taman Budaya , Pahang. First time performing there. Sangat-sangat excited :D and nervous. ouh damn :| Practiced the whole day and came back home at 5 pm just now.

Went online with Maddy's laptop ( Thank you Maddy) and chatted with the happy pills. OHAIII :3 and YES, I AM EXHAUSTED. boleh pengsan kodd. Tak sabar menantikan kepulangan yang lain ke Kuantan !!!!! *beams happily* :3

see you real SOON ! :D

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