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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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broom broom broom.
Saturday, December 25, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Wanie in her 60's night kebaya. gorgeous ! ♥ :-D

the day started well and ended well. it has been two days I'm back in Kuantan. Maddy, Eleena and Badihah just left for their semester break today and I am now with Fasha until tomorrow. She's leaving Kuantan with Haziq tomorrow morning. I hope you had fun yeah :) and thank you for not letting this girl died out of boredom due to lack of entertainment. LOLOLOLOLOLOL :-D It's Christmas today and unlike the previous years, I celebrated Christmas this year all ALONE with the companion of the broom and the house that could be mistaken as sarang tikus for real.

YES, I did THE MAJORRRRR spring cleaning all alone today *bangga* NYOHOHOHOHO :'D

Ingat senang ke nak bersihkan rumah yang dah nampak macam hutan ? Hahahahaha. Seriously messy, but I had fun cleaning (Y) Mesti mak bangga kalau dia tau Atika ni macam mana kat Kuantan. HAHAHAHA :-D Practice today was okay i guess. Funnier than yesterday. FUN FUN FUN ! :-D We practiced the effect of the restless soul for the theater. Ngehehehehe. watch me perform, alrighty? :)

Spent the evening with Maddy and Wanie. Did photo shoot the night before for their 60's annual dinner :3 I want to do another photoshoot ! :) LENSaddict !!! :-D doing the next photo shoot once the new semester commences. yaaaaaays ! :) Went to TC with them and first time buying at McD's drive-thru. LMAO. Excited can? Ekekekeke :'D

Phone is still quiet . I iz LONELYYYYY. Faster come lah you peepz !! :'(