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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Friday, December 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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23 days left before I'm back in Kuantan :)

So I didn't update all of you about yesterday. Nothing much happened. Had a pretty much good night when I am not online. It feels - different somehow. Hoho :p But then, there's nothing interesting on Thursday night. So basically, I was stoning in front of the box ( tv) changing channel every 30 seconds.

So much for a blissful night. PFFT.

Bought my very first HOT TICKET and omgg, loves ! ;) all Maxis user should really bought one and try it :) I am completely satisfied with its rate and stuffs. hee. Texted all the friends without wasting anytime. Best ouh :B Now i can text and talk for a very cheap rate. Thumbs up (Y) ;) Will make up for all the outings I missed during this sem break. Kimberly Yong and Win Li, sorry ouh ! :'(

My sister is sitting for her last SPM paper next Wednesday. and she's all free. She's getting a DSLR soon. envy her c: Haha ! For some reasons, I kinda miss being in school despite the tight schedules and pain in the ass teachers. tee hee hee ;)

Currently chatting with some of my friends now. Superboy had Madam Kwan for dinner td *stick out tongue* jealous wehy :p hahahaha. he's been okay if you asked me. I texted him everyday and he'll alright. same goes to Nadia and the others. Updates are waaaaaaaayy too much . just go to their Facebook and see for yourself. Heh. Finally posted up my latest short fic on Facebook and blog : I LOVE YOU FOREVER :) Inspired by a friend of mine, the short fic turned out better than I expected. Hehe.

But still, there are so many things to be improved. Need to write more.

Reading my previous blog posts before made me realized how am I growing from phase to phase right now. I'm overwhelmed and blessed indeed. Some part of me may not be perfect, but that's alright. After all, I live to learn :)

ah, the good old memories :)

Goodnight, everyone.

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