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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Dearest you,
Monday, December 13, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I never meant to say those things I said to make you cry. can i say I'm sorry ?

Nadia said,
Kawan nih kadang kadang berapi. Sumpah sentap. But hey, what friends are for kan? Still jangan lah fire orang tak tentu pasal. Fikir lah jugak apa orang lain rasa. Don't be selfish please. Kita kawan bukan lawan.

and those words struck my mind like lighting.

dan kepada semua yang menjadi mangsa keadaan , I am here to say I'm sorry. I have been a bad friend to all of you lately. PMS , i think. I am not mad at any of you, so no worries. I am mad at myself because I failed to put myself in your shoes. Jangan lah rasa bersalah. You tak buad salah pun. so buad apa nak marah kan? It is so hard to be mad at you for so long. I've grown all emotionally attached to you that even a word can change everything.

All of you mean the world to me, you know ? :)

It was completely UNINTENTIONAL for me not to text you. Bukan tak nak, tapi kredit takde. SORRY SANGAT-SANGAT! D; I can never stay mad at someone for so long. I am not born to hold grudge on others. This girl is not matured enough to face the reality of life. and yes, she has to stop relying on others . Like an old vintage photography, she is cherishing all the moments she has with everyone. She realized she has to stand on her own and learn to really grow up.

The heart to heart talk with Nadia and Syafiq just now really opened my eyes. I am better now. Alhamdulillah :) No more camouflage. I'm going to be all out. I'll be a better friend starting from now. The brick wall of ego is now gone. YAY :-D so, to you, I just nak cakap yang being your friend has to be one of the most amazing feeling I've had in years and shall be cherished for years to come. You kawan yang sangat baik ouh. I ni je yang tak baik untuk you. Jangan risau, all are just some huge misunderstandings. I'm okay :)

Apology accepted? :')

I pun penat nak emo-emo ni lah. Macam cite hindustan pulak. Nak kena pujuk semua. LOL. Cett :p Being down makes my pimples grow alot more. Damn -.- and wrinkles wehy! aaaaaaaaa ! *shakes head* D: HAHAHAHAHA. Well, I was reading Tirzah's blog just now, and this picture really made my day ; COOKIES MONSTARRRRR ♥

Dia comel, macam saya. kan? kan? kan? kan? heeeeee :3

and YES, I'd do anything to see that smile of yours plastered across your face again.


P/S : I'll text you , no worries. HUGS , LAVV ;)

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