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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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hey ho let's go.
Saturday, December 4, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Wanie ; the goddess. GORGEOUS :-D

I just realized that the hot ticket promotion is actually 120 smses for 7 days. like LOL, i used the 120 smses in just only two days. Haha. so now, I am texting my friends with my Digi number :-D The hot ticket promotion is more to CALLING actually. Hahaha. I don't call people, so whatever. Hekhek.

Superboy texted me when I took my morning shower. ouh, HE HAS A BLOG ! so, moi went to the rescue and helped him out in editing his blog. I'm glad you like it :-) So now, I can keep track on everyone who owns a blog about their daily activities. Hihi. Stalker (!) ;-D

My dad gave me a Nike sneakers. Not really new tho. but yays ! :-D Mum gave me her ruby necklace, made from real gold O___O mad chio. I loike :-) I am getting better and better in doing house chores. Hehe. Loving it. The rabbits , Canon and Nikon are growing up to be really cute. aaaaa. geram :B

Berbonding with Syakila jugak. waaaaa. rindu dgn dia :'(

Had crazy times with Syaika in the evening. Hee. in case you guys are wondering who is Syaika , she is that bestf of mine who is super pretttyyyy like a goddess , unlike me lah. Haha. She found out about that Upcoming CUBE concert, featuring BEAST. hmm. I'm not really a fan, but haha, got excited also. tee hee hee :)) Gossiped and talked for about half an hour. The bestf got 3.77 CGPA for her first sem. CONGRATS, Syaika ! :) Called Ikmal after that. That boy got 4 flat weyh ! O____O Godai :p hahahahaha. had fun talking to him, updating each other :-) Dia semakin handsome sekarang. wow *kening2* ;)

Tidak sabar untuk balik ke Kuantan. nak usha bapok-bapok di sana. Buhahaha. kan , Adam kan ? :'D

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