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Hey ho, let's go !
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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My last post in Klang for the year 2010.

I'm going back to Kuantan tomorrow by Sani Express. aha :-D Bas pukul 4 petang. Hehe.

So, what happened today?

First of all , i went SHOPPING the whole day for my stuffs. Esok balik Kuantan. SEMANGAT. hahahaha. I bought toilteries, facial products, formal wears and err - what else ? A ya ! FOODS ;) Bliss. ahahaha. I love foods. eat eat eat. munch munch munch :3 Since I was so busy, i didn't really text anyone except for Aina because she wanted to know the details about my latest show. :-D

Now , i is supercalifragalisticexciteddddd ;) Haha. as you can see , I've edited my blog skin since many complained they can't follow my blog. PSH. Saya terasa famous secara tiba-tiba. Hahahaha. I removed the unnecessary things like the long-winded links and others. EUREKA ! Ta-da ! I hope you guys like it ;) Lawa kan? kan? kan ? ;D

Okay okay. must stop laughing now. Hihi. :P Many might not noticed my disappearance for a day , but someone did. Thank you. Ouh , and I'm all packed up to go back to Kuantan already. Woohoo ! :-D Chatted with Syafiq via Facebook just now. LMAO. Had fun talking to him about things around us. Hehe. Okay, you boleh jadi i punya co-editor. no problem punya :D and HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HAVE FUN main futsal. Ekekekeke :'D Atika akan jadi cheerleader lagi dari jauh. Aha :-D

Did I tell you that Akmal already owned a Blackberry ? Homaigodd. I is jeles D8 Plan untuk menculik Akmal is on the go. Shhhh :p He called me informing that he is on his way to Kuantan now. aite aite :) Crap. I haven't memorize my script . aaaaaa. D; Akan menghafalnya esok di dalam bus. Okeh :-D

My role in the latest theater is hard because I have to play with a lot of emotion ; crying. I can never cry suddenly. oh noes :'( HELP? the master of acting is not around. If not, I would have ask for his help. LOL. What else eh? *running out of ideas* *scratch non-itchy head* EUW, kelemumur ! :o

Hha. JUST KIDDING. My hair is perfectly healthy. *grins* ;D

The UTM students are already on their sem break. Hahahahaha. baru na cuti ke? *gelak keji* :p That means I don't have the chance to stalk Kent for a month. Haish. emo kejap o___o No worries, ill awed him to death on the day his second semester commenced. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! >:D

*slaps self* Sorry. Heh. excited. :P

I miss Superboy. I didn't text him for the whole since he's outta credit. *sniffs* Ta pe lah. nanti kita jumpa. I'll text you nanti. oh lalala :-D Call Yaya tadi. She's in KL now with Boolat. SELAMAT BERCUTI ! :-D I hope they can make it for my play. *prays hard* :| Got addicted listening to Kalau Berpacaran by Sohaimi Meor Hassan , thanks to my cousins. LOL. The song got stuck on replay and it seemed that my brain can't undo and kept on tapping the imaginary replay button. DARN.

Been keeping in touch with my juniors. I MISS THEM SHO BAD. Peanut, Ryanna , Gladys and so many mores. D; I feel so old already wei. It feels like they were only in form One when I met them. Hahaha. Good ol' times. :')

Gonna text Superboy and Syafiq ( do I even have to tell about it? ) HAHAHAHAHA. Compulsory, i guess ? :-D dan, Atika akan rindukan semua orang di sini. HUARGH. *sniffs sniffs* :( Rindukan mak, abah, yol, kaknyah, and adik. Nanti kakak balik , kakak bawa korang jalan-jalan. haha. insya-allah :) Semua orang lah ! D: Doakan kejayaan saya di semester dua ini. and Kak Diedel, have fun kawen nanti. Sorry I can't be there :(

P/S : Going to shop for the red formal wear in Kuantan . Habahabahaba :-D

Hugs, loves and kisses ! xx.

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