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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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I was born to get wild.
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I just finished writing another short fics inspired by another friend of mine. whom you may ask? Sorry, names will not be revealed at all :) It was such ay bliss knowing that I can turned frowns into smiles just by writing. I love the fact that Allah has given me this gift to make others happy :D

Alhamdulillah :D

Seeing the overwhelming feedbacks from the others made me even happier. Thank you, all ! :) Today was just blissful. I had fun writing and writing the whole day. and then headed to my student's house after that. It was raining all day and I had a good nap in the afternoon. Miss Sue IM-ed me earlier saying that she got a role for me in her upcoming theater production. So, I need to be back in Kuantan as soon as possible. Prolly this Thursday. Trainings are going to be hell, i can assure you that.

The theater is called NATIJAH. and I'm going to be a college student who earns money by selling her body. LOL. wth. Syafiq said just go with it. Tell everyone about it. and yes, I am so psyched. woo hoo ! :D Going back early i guess. Ta sabar , ta sabar :) Shopping on Wednesday. Packing everything tomorrow.

Phone is rather quiet today. Nevermind about that. Getting used to it. :D Haven't get my theater script. Tomorrow maybe . Wondering how Kuantan would look like when I go back there. Hee hee. Kena finish packing esok. aaaaaaaaa. pening jugak memikirkan macam mana nak settle everything in just two days. Bunuh diri kejap. FUHHHH. Banyak gle keje. Tomorrow also going to be my last day at Atiera's house. kinda sad because I've grown all attached to her and her siblings. sumpah comeeeeeel kodd. :3

Tiba-tiba teringatkan Clark Kent. WHAAAAAAAAT ?! :oI wish you all the best, Kent. sayang lah, ta dpt jumpa pun sebelum cuti semester kan? huuu .__. Teringatkan yang lain jugak. Superboy dearest and the clans. Kita mesti jumpa okeh ! soon ! ♥

I'm going on a lifetime ride to fame. weeeeeeeeeee. oh lalalalala ! :-D

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